Management in China Conference 2017 and the first seminar of Management 50 People of China Organisation was held at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

Management practitioners and experts discussed and developed management theory of China focused on the new developments of management practice in China.

The three-day event attracted more than 300 participants, including staff and leaders from many other universities across China, senior managers from enterprise and students from related disciplines.

Professor Youmin Xi, ‎executive president of XJTLU, said: "XJTLU, as one of the organisers of this conference, hopes to play an intermediary role between academia and society, leveraging the resources from both academic circles and society to promote innovation and development of the economy."

As one of the most important sessions of the conference, "Management 50 People of China Organisation" was officially established on the first day, with a "Jinji Lake Announcement " being published at the same time.

Management 50 People of China Organisation, as a non-profit, open and innovative organisation, is comprised of entrepreneurs and scholars who have important social influence in the field of management. It will collect reflections on China’s management practice, research and education from professional scholars and experts.

During the leadership forum , Professor Xi delivered a lecture titled “Leadership and five-star life” and shared his opinions about the value of life. He stated that people should aim to have a positive effect on others and society to fulfil their personal value and that people need to develop from five areas including family, career, hobbies, accomplishment and health, in order to achieve personal happiness.

Regarding the innovation of a modern university, Professor Xi believes that masters and a physical campus play increasingly less important roles in a modern university. He continued saying that universities which have a small scale campus or even have no campus can also achieve good development based on brand awareness and the internet.

Regarding developing a successful business, Professor Xi said that it needs a visionary and sustainable business model, a recognised shared vision, a good governance structure and resource allocation system, a leadership and management team with executive force and a long-term strategic vision.

Mr Yunjie Zhou, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Haier, Mr Lianming Bo, the COO of TCL, Ms Hong Yu, the deputy secretary-general of China Energy Foundation at China Energy Company Limited, Mr Deng Fan, the founder of Spiritual Wealth Club and Ms Yurong Wang, the co-founder of Shanghai Qiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (AMT) delivered speeches respectively during the entrepreneurs forum and shared their successful experiences.

On the second day, experts from the field of management shared their research about Chinese management in recent years. Their reports have refined research achievements about domestic management over the years and aim to promote the health development of management in China.

Management in China Conference 2017 was co-organised by the Department of Management at the Science & Technology Commission of the Ministry of Education of China, Chinese Academy of Management, Research Centre of China Management Issues at Xi’an Jiaotong University, XJTLU, Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development at XJTLU and International Business School Suzhou at XJTLU.

translation by Yanzi Wu, edited by Guojuan Wang & Jacqueline Bánki, photos by Liping Tian & Weiqian Zhang

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