A cooperation agreement was signed by the China Development Bank, Suzhou Municipal People’s Government, and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University to build the XIPU New Era Development Research Institute.

NEDRI aims to utilise advantages from both CDB, Suzhou and XJTLU in the areas of research, policy, practice and industry, work together with international industry and financial alliance to provide policy suggestions and implementation plans for constructing a community of a shared future for mankind, and in turn, creating international innovation ecology, developing a modern green society and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the economy and society of China.

Professor Youmin Xi, executive president of XJTLU, said that the new era of China, led by the Party Central Committee and with Xi Jinping at its core, is characterised by internationalisation, multiculturalism, the internet plus uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity, and in this context, China is facing four major challenges on the way to realise its dream to become a powerful nation.

The four major challenges that Professor Xi explained were: constructing and operating a community of a shared future for mankind; creating an international innovation ecology; developing a modern green society and promoting the transformation and upgrade of the economy and society of China. These were the impetus to the birth of NEDRI.

“The CDB is critical in promoting the implementation of the national strategies of China. Suzhou is a model city in its development of the economy and society in China. XJTLU will demonstrate best practices in international cooperation in universities. The partnership among the three entities will connect demands and create a new international think tank that serves the transformation of regional economy and societies,” said Professor Xi.

“NEDRI will do more than theoretical research, policy analysis and produce think tank recommendations, it will also carry out several social experiments in cooperation with the local governments concerned. Through these practices, we will enrich our research outcomes and promote experimental experiences to promote social progress and economic development more effectively,” he added.

Targeted to the key fields of the development of Chinese society, NEDRI will establish four research departments, including: research department for a community of shared future for mankind, research department for international innovation ecology, research department for a modern green society and research department for the transformation and upgrading of the regional economy and society.

NEDRI will rely on XJTLU, acquire government support, partner with industrial alliances, and operate in a market scenario, and plan to explore the three pilot areas which are: International Common Market Zone, International Innovation Ecological Hub and Modern Green Society. These will serve the implementation of national strategies and the transformation of the regional economy and society.

By Luyun Shi, translation by Guojuan Wang, edited by Jacqueline Bánki

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