New staff member in the Department of Civil Engineering: Dr Jian Liu

22 Sep 2020

The Department of Civil Engineering at XJTLU is happy to welcome Dr Jian Liu as our new staff member. With her experiences, she makes an excellent addition to the existing team. Having her on board, the Department is able to further improve the teaching quality, expand the faculty capacity, and provide excellent education for its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Dr Jian Liu


Joined XJTLU since:

August 2020

Modules taught:

CEN 002 Introduction to Civil and Architectural Engineering Design and Practice

IND 109 Solids and Structures

CEN 201 Construction Methods

Professional experience:

I was working as a lecturer in the faculty of Civil Engineering in Zhejiang University of Technology last year. It was an exciting experience since it was my first time to be fully in charge of delivering classes to students and to figure out research ideas on my own. Before that, I was working as an assistant in a university in Belgium for 6 years where I spent 50% of my working time on assisting class teaching and 50% on my doctoral research.

Research interest:

My PhD thesis was focused on developing an analytical model to predict the full shear response of reinforced concrete deep girders. The shear behavior of reinforced concrete structures is a traditional research topic which has been under discussion since around 100 years ago; however, until nowadays there is still no elegant solution to provide engineers a reliable calculation tool. Therefore, I will continue to work along this line in XJTLU with the help of some modern advanced testing techniques.

Thoughts on XJTLU and the Department of Civil Engineering

Till now it seems to me it’s easier to deal with the interpersonal relationship in XJTLU which allows me more focused on my work itself. At the same time, I have the impression that the university is operated in a very professional way in terms of both administration and academic.

Words to colleagues and students:

I feel lucky to be a part of this nice community and I will do my best to make my contribution in the following years.

(By Yi Qian, photos provided by Dr Jian Liu)

22 Sep 2020