In order to encourage interest in artificial intelligence and big data education, improve students' comprehensive abilities, enhance their sense of innovation, and cultivate their ability to apply big data thinking to solve practical problems, the School of AI and Advanced Computing of XJTLU held the Big Data Competition as scheduled.

After two months’ work, the first prize was awarded to Yuxuan Zhang, a Year 1 student, Chao Zhang and Boqian Wang, Year 2 students from the School of AI and Advanced Computing at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang).

Dr Jionglong Su, the Associate Dean of the School of AI and Advanced Computing congratulated the student team. Dr Su stated that the BEng Data Science and Big Data Technology with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism Programme was an Interdisciplinary discipline which closely linked to practical applications. It emphasised a high degree of integration with enterprises and industries. Through the integration and renovation of statistical analysis, system computing, and interdisciplinary science, a complete knowledge system could be formed focusing on the whole process of big data storage and analysis and the whole industry chain of big data application. He encouraged students to actively participate in activities like Big Data Competition that combine academic and practical activities, actively explore areas of interest, and enhance comprehensive competitiveness.

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