This week, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University held its graduation ceremony for the class of 2022.

Professor Youmin Xi, Executive President of XJTLU, commended the students for their hard work over the past few years: “As the saying goes, hard work is required to uncover gold. Your positive attitude and hard work have enabled you to acquire a unique and meaningful experience.”

At the ceremony, 3,351 undergraduates received their University of Liverpool and XJTLU degree certificates, with 1,061 achieving first-class honours. In addition, 1,015 masters students and 45 PhD students received their University of Liverpool degrees recognised by China’s Ministry of Education.

While graduation is a time of joy and celebration, the past few years have been difficult worldwide. “The world we know today is experiencing unprecedented changes, and I constantly think about what kind of education can lay a solid foundation for your future,” said Professor Xi.

“No matter what challenges you encounter and which path you choose, you will become competitive global citizens, making remarkable achievements on the world stage.”

Education, explained Professor Xi, never ends and is the purpose of human existence: “Learn to respond to your true calling and support the meaning of life.”

Professor Dame Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, also reflected on the difficult circumstances many have had to face to graduate. “This is a great achievement that is never easy – even in normal times,” she said.

She also acknowledged the support networks that made graduation possible: “I know that you will also have called on the support of family, friends and professional staff, some of whom are here today, to get you through. So my congratulations go both to our graduates and to your support teams – you all deserve this day of celebration.”

Speaking on the problems facing the world today, Professor Beer said she does so in a “spirit of gratitude”: “I know that your studies and research are relevant to the real-world challenges we are facing now and will continue to face in the future. And whilst we do not and cannot know exactly what the future holds, I do know that I am so very grateful that you – and the skills and knowledge you have honed and developed during your time here – will be a part of it.”

At the closing of the ceremony, Professor Wenquan Tao, President of XJTLU, addressed the graduates. “We were and always will be one big family here. As our students grow and move on, so does Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University develop every year,” he said.

“It is only through the achievements of our graduates that the University can realise its vision and mission.”

By Patricia Pieterse

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