School of Film and TV Arts programme interview process and portfolio requirements

19 Nov 2022

Dear students,

You are warmly welcomed to the School of Film& TV Arts at XJTLU. We fully understand and appreciate your passion for our programmes. Your passion resonates with our mission and dedication to building SoFTA as one of the best places to study Digital Media Arts/Filmmaking/TV Production.

It is important that the programme you choose is a correct fit for you. In order to ensure this, we need you to follow the interview process outlined in this document.

Programmes within SoFTA are ambitious. They focus on and reflect professional artists' and practitioners' demands and challenges. These disciplines require an exceptional mix of competencies, including creative potential, visualization skills, an aesthetic sense, and the ability to develop and communicate complex ideas in a professional manner.

We aim to nurture graduates who are self-motivated and able to work well both independently and as members of a team. To help ensure that we are all making the best decision for your academic future, we have some specialized admissions procedures.

The admissions process at XJTLU requires applicants to present evidence of their creative abilities and commitment to the subject. This process assesses your suitability to study Digital Media Arts/Filmmaking/TV Production successfully and allows you to make a well-informed choice in a field of study leading to a future career path.

Students are admitted to the programme based on their performance in all parts of the admissions process. In addition to evaluating your previous academic performance, you are invited for an interview, which allows us to understand you better as a creative individual, your motivation in joining the programme and your creative potential.

The interview process will contain the following:

1. A short self-introduction

2. Outline your motivation and specific interest in joining the programme

3. Your portfolio, which you need to bring and present in the interview (See below)

The interview will be in English, last approximately 8 minutes and will take place in person.

* If you are an off-campus student with trouble participating in the interview, please email before Nov. 22nd.

*Please arrive 15 minutes early at IA Building Open Space on the 1st and 2nd Floor. Any late arrival will not be accepted.

*Please bring your ID card (Resident ID, Student ID, Passport, or Driving License) with you to the interview.

The portfolio

Bring one of the following portfolio items to your interview on your computer, tablet, or as physical copies:

  • 5 photographs that follow a theme or tell a story and which are personally important to you
  • 1-3 minute video that means something special to you
  • A short animation piece that you might have made in your own time and can talk about during the interview
  • 3 to 5 drawings/sketches/paintings that you have done that reveal your creative potential
  • An interest in web design that you can demonstrate through 3 to 5 web pages that you have produced ( For BA Digital Media Arts)
  • Or a piece of creative writing (by which we mean a short story, a poem, or even a chapter of a novel) that you have done. There is no word limit, but please keep it fairly short. This must be either written in English or translated into English (For BA Filmmaking and BA TV Production)
  • A piece of music or a song that you have composed (3 minutes)
  • Any other creative media item that demonstrates your creativity

*Please note: It is up to you to decide what approach would demonstrate your creative potential best. Therefore, you may bring physical prints (e.g. photographs or posters) or a laptop (recommended) to show your work, like video, animation, music, digital illustrations, etc.

Kind Regards,


19 Nov 2022