Welcome New Staff in Chemistry

16 May 2023

“Belief in our abilities to take the leading positions in developing chemicals and materials.”


Professor Heechae Choi holds a degree of Doctor of Engineering, He pursues fundamental research to solve challenging industry problems using the knowledge of physical chemistry and simulation skills. Before coming to Suzhou, he worked in Germany for 4.5 years and invented and ran two venture companies. The first company’s simulation software, MATSQ is now being used by about 10% of materials science researchers in the world and the second technology company that he founded is still providing huge manufacturers service.

In 2018, he was selected as the 13 MOPGA-GRI fellow by the Franco-German research initiative program with research topic, amorphous-crystal junctioned photocatalysts for cost-effective and active hydrogen production. It was how he started his first independent research/education career. He applied his hypothesis that the surface gas molecule’s vibration modes can affect the phase transitions of nanoparticles really rationalize nanomaterial manufacturing for high-tech business. This fundamental research and his own theory model resulted in many scientific publications and successful corporation projects in the year 2019-2022.

Teaching and research:

Professor Heechae Choi is teaching UG Y3 with Physical Chemistry, which contains his expertise, in thermodynamics, mathematics, quantum mechanics, and reaction kinetics.

The programme will focus on how to make students have an interest in Physical Chemistry, and how to help students be confident in their ability to extend their knowledge to useful levels for field works and graduate studies in future.

His research focus is “How to control atoms and electrons as we want”, about studying thermodynamics and reaction kinetics to understand how atoms are moving in a certain condition, and what are the most probable status of substances. Also, he studies quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, and simulations to understand and control the behaviors of electrons. Besides, his research topics have covered quite wide range such as Semiconductor devices, Batteries, Catalysts, Solar cells, Supercapacitors, Antenna materials, etc.


"Because of the good profiles and excellence of Chemistry Department colleagues, its growing reputation, and also the good University system,I chose to come to XJTLU. "

In the next few years, Professor Heechae Choi would like to do similar research around his first venture company business about making the easy-to-use simulations software platform for everybody.

16 May 2023