The first exhibition of graduate works from the School of Cultural Technology was successfully held

09 Jun 2023

It is another year of the most beautiful graduation season, and the two exhibitions of works by the 2023 senior graduates of the School of Cultural Technology have both ended perfectly. It is worth mentioning that both exhibitions are the result of the collective creation of senior students. From curators to executors, even finding sponsors for the exhibitions, all were done independently by the student teams. Our students' busy figures have become a unique landscape on the university campus. These talented works show the sincerity and dedication of our students to art itself. From the graduation exhibition held in our school this year, the overall situation shows that the graduation works are vivid and innovative in form and content, and the online and offline platforms are combined to effectively promote the graduation results on the ground.

The first graduate work exhibition of art and technology of the School of Cultural Technology was grandly opened in the multi-functional exhibition hall of Building M of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) on May 11th. The exhibition lasted for 8 days, with rich types of exhibits and various forms of creative materials. As our first graduates, their graduation designs were constructed with their own unique concepts and layered spaces in their works after studying in school and conducting industry practice. At the same time, digital media such as projection, VR and big screens are combined to make virtual and reality exist in parallel. This exhibition, entitled  "MORE THAN A POINT", demonstrates their understanding of their major and confidence in their art field. The Class of 2023 has a strong cohesion as a collective, from curating to executing the exhibition, they all divide the work and cooperate by themselves.


Let's enter a new space with a collection of different colour points, feeling the vibrations of the works and the bonds of time and space, which are filled with an undefinable flow of information. Visitors can interact with each other and with the works; communicate and interact with the creators; listen to the creators' inspiration and artistic ideas, and feel the charm of technology and art.

The exhibition of 2023 graduates' works is divided into 17 exhibition areas, exhibiting more than 20 pieces (pieces) of graduation works created by 18 graduates, including visual communication design, animation, VR, arts and crafts and many other categories, creating a rich visual and artistic feast in the college. Line and colour in painting depiction, material and display in handicraft production, structure and expression in animation production, and design works integrating various different elements, the students interpreted their understanding and perception of art with realistic and non-realistic words, either static or dynamic. Their unique perspectives, novel ideas and distinctive themes have a strong visual impact, a sense of the times and a sense of life, fully reflecting the graduates' active and open thinking, warm and spirited emotions, solid and profound professional foundation and interactive and cooperative spirit.

A number of graduates stood in front of their design works and introduced in detail to teachers and students the creative source, design process and application value of their works. The graduation exhibition was highly appreciated and praised by our teachers, who highly affirmed the innovation and practical ability shown in the graduates' works.

Dean of the School of Cultural Technology Dr Alvaro Collar attended the opening ceremony of this graduation exhibition.

In addition, this exhibition also attracted students from other majors. Students carefully admired the works and took pictures with their favourite works in front of the exhibition, which is beneficial to the creation of an art atmosphere in our college.

Previously, on May 6th, the Year 4 graduates completed an independent exhibition of their works at the Fanrong Art Museum in Suzhou 56 Cultural and Creative Park. The theme of this exhibition was "Bounce", in which our artists travelled through the flood of history, real backgrounds and events were thrown into the air by the artists like solid balls, which exploded into light gas in the air and then formed a more three-dimensional inner world. In response to the theme of the course CAT301TC_ Commercial Project Design and Realisation, this exhibition was entirely curated by our team of senior students in Suzhou Park. From the curator to the executor, even finding sponsors for the exhibition, the student team did it all independently.

In this graduation exhibition, what impresses us is not only the splendid visuals and clever ideas; there is also some vigorous and hard-working spirit for their dreams! At this time of the year, let this graduation work convey the graduate students' love and thinking about art. I wish the class of 2023 in BA Arts, Technology and Entertainment all the best in their future path! The School of Cultural Technology is proud to have you!

(Picture credit to Alvaro Collar, Zihan Ning  Edit: Ruinan Shi  )

09 Jun 2023