School of Cultural Technology_Summer PDP Highlights

June 26, 2023

As the heat of the summer approaches, the five-week summer PDP at the School  of Cultural Technology is also in full swing. Every Friday, the newly arrived freshman students in Taicang were led by our academic advisors on field trips and company visits. After the first three weeks of visits, the students are getting more and more excited for the next Friday. Let's take a look at where ATEr's footsteps have been heading~

Week ONE 06/05-06/09 Taicang Art Museum

Our first stop was at Taicang Art Museum, where our students enjoyed a cultural feast.


Week TWO  06/12-06/16   Next Door in Yuz Museum, Panlong, Shanghai

Our second stop was at the famous Yuz Museum for the first exhibition of the project space: Next Door. This exhibition "Next Door" selected the representative works of 14 emerging artists from the "Future" section of the Yuz Foundation to showcase their representative creations. We are here to review "history" and embrace "future".

Week Three 06/19-06/23  Suzhou Wuzhong Museum

Suzhou Wuzhong District Museum (Suzhou Wu Museum) is a state-owned museum of the heritage system established in 2019. A temporary exhibition space is dedicated on the second floor of the museum, which provides a brand new base for young curators to express their personal design ideas for artistic practice, and several students interested in responding to the exhibition stopped by here.

At the same time, our sophomore students were giving their conceptual presentations under the guidance of their academic advisors.

More exciting moments will be presented one after another, please look forward to our SUMMER PDP  trip!

(Photo by:Xiao Lu,Andrew O’Dowd,Luciano Zubillaga,Zihan Ning;Editing: Ruinan Shi

June 26, 2023