The Icon of the School of Science is online. Come and get to know it!

July 12, 2023

Creation Idea Overview

The School of Science is committed to supporting the healthy, high quality and sustainable development of individuals, society and the environment. Thus, an expected logo is one, which showcases, the key principles of this core concept.


Color and shape:The green colour and round shape stand for health, hope, environmental protection and sustainable development. It matches well with the concept of innovation, creativity and intellectual curiosity within an open, collegial and shared environment in the School of Science.

Four points:Science is a research-based discipline. These 4 dots may symbolize, (a) the bubbles of liquid in a Biology lab experiment,(b) atoms in a Chemistry molecular structure, (c) the Health and Environmental interactions between an Ecosystem comprised of Humans, Animals, Pathogens and the Environment and (d) the 4 academic units (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Health and Environmental Sciences Departments, and the Global Public Health pathway) in the School of Science.

Letter:The part of characters could show and emphasize the School’s name.

Five-pointed star:The Star in the letter “i” depicts the interaction between the School of Science and the University.  The School is aligned with and supports the University’s 5-star strategy in all its teaching, research and education initiatives. XJTLU has built a global pedagogical reputation on the basis of its innovative and systematic Five-star Education Blueprint. This blueprint guides its future developments and is based on the previous years’ strategic explorations and successes. The blueprint is built around the mission, vision and education philosophy of XJTLU, and consists of three unique education models:

The XJTLU 1.0 model has innovated and upgraded the traditional education of professional elites;

The XJTLU 2.0 model explores Syntegrative Education for cultivating elites and leaders in new industries;

The XJTLU 3.0 model focuses on creating an ecosystem of innovation that promotes the further integration of university, industry and society, and extends to explore the full-chain of the education sector (from pre-school, primary, secondary, to new professional education). In the age of digital intelligence XJTLU can thus better fulfil its mission of reshaping and influencing education and serving the society.

July 12, 2023