25 Jul 2023


Dr Liwen Wu graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin with a PhD in Geography from the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, focusing on issues related to rivers and groundwater-related, with a particular focus on how natural and anthropogenic factors can affect rivers and groundwater.

Teaching and Research:

Dr Wu will teach ENV221 Introductory Statistics for Environmental Science. The course focuses primarily on learning to characterize the statistical properties of systems commonly found in the environmental sciences through the study of various tools. She also encourages students to understand complex statistical models from the very basic definitions and concepts.

Dr Wu's long-term research focuses on the interactions between surface water and groundwater in fresh and saline water systems. She has focused on creating numerical models, applying data analysis, and conducting field investigations to understand how water systems flow and how energy and solutes are transferred from the surface to the subsurface under different natural and anthropogenic factors. This can provide scientific support for the development of sustainable water use plans and is critical in the face of increasing pressure on and water resources shortage due to climate change.


25 Jul 2023