On 16th September, year two students from School of Cultural Technology undertaking the module CAT102TC Form, Innovation and Culture visited 56 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Suzhou to meet the curator of the park as a part of a live client brief.

Students were commissioned to create generative art that will have the chance to be exhibited later in the year on the large screen at the park's entrance in response to the theme 56, the park's name, as a theme.

Besides, students discussed with Mr. Du the type of work he hopes to be shown at the park and technical constraints they should consider. Following the meeting students were given a tour of the park, it's galleries and spaces.

The students were active and enthusiastic on this field trip, and benefited from a new understanding and experience of artistic creation.

(Picture:Garrett Lynch IRL ; Text :Garrett Lynch IRL,Ruoxue Liang;Editing:Ruoxue Liang)


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