XJTLU Department of Physics has organised community-building for PhD students to know each other better and bond with each other, as well as the academics, on 22 November.

PhD students and academics in conversation

Begin with introducing the name and research interest, followed by two icebreaker games, physics-related drawing and two truths and a lie, the students and academics establish strong ties.

Participants are doing ice-breaking games

“Besides formal meetings and academic seminars, relaxed and enjoyable activities with a certain professional background can make it easier for the academic community to form a friendly atmosphere, thus uniting together.” Kai Wu, a PhD student says.

“Regarding future PhD studies, I hope there would be opportunities for PhD students from the Physics Dept. or even the SMP to share their research interests.” Yifan Wang, another participant, also reckons that this meaningful activity is engaging.

Dr Xi Chen, the graduate studies officer and the activity organiser for this time, says, "I'm happy that PhD students find pleasure in this activity. We hope this experience will serve as a catalyst for ongoing collaboration and personal growth throughout their academic journeys.”

“Our strategy also looks into more opportunities to develop connections between PhD students and academics.”

As the PhD community at XJTLU continues to flourish, this community-building activity serves as an example of the Department of Physics and the School of Mathematics and Physics's commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and vibrant academic environment.

Participants' group photo   

By Qinru Liu

Photos courtesy of  Han Li

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