Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University launched the College of Industry-Entrepreneurs (CIE) on 15 November at the annual XJTLU Communications and Media Reception held at the University.

According to Professor Youmin Xi, Executive President of XJTLU and Dean of CIE, the College will foster the industries of the future and educate and empower industry entrepreneurs. To do so, it will serve as a platform to integrate diverse resources, he said.

“CIE’s vision is to build an innovation ‘ecosystem’ that is deeply intertwined with academia, industry and society,” Professor Xi said.

Dr Yimin Ding, Vice President, XJTLU

The development of digital technologies has broken the boundaries between traditional organisations, he said.

He explained that we are now in the “ecosystem” era, marked by the emergence of industry entrepreneurs who are adept at crossing these boundaries. These entrepreneurs influence the development of their entire industry and pursue strategies that benefit all participants, he added.

Professor Youmin Xi, Executive President of XJTLU and Dean of CIE

“By embracing the roles of ‘catalyst’, ‘binder’ and ‘accelerator’ in the transformation of strategic industries and technological industrialisation, we are redefining the social responsibilities of universities,” Professor Xi said.

The unveiling of the College of Industry-Entrepreneurs

“The College, as a new interdisciplinary and ecological institution, will focus on integrating industry research, solution design, co-implementation, talent cultivation, continuous support, and think tank services,” said Dr Yimin Ding, Vice President, XJTLU.

“We aim to consolidate diverse resources, nurture industrial ecosystems, enable industry entrepreneurs, and generate multiple types of ecological value,” he said.

Dr Xin Bi, Chief Officer of Data, XJTLU

The reception also saw the launch of the College’s five research centres, the Industry Entrepreneur Development and Industrial Upgrade nonprofit project, and XJTLU’s X-Eco Mall.

The X-Eco Mall will proactively address the current wave of digitalisation affecting all aspects of our lives. This initiative is dedicated to constructing an “ecosystem” for the future within a digital, networked and AI-integrated world. It aims to achieve strategic objectives across education, scientific research, industry, government and society to create value for the ecosystem’s members and collaborators. These objectives include:

  • Empowering education to cultivate talent for and within industries;
  • Conducting research to advance scientific and technological development;
  • Driving innovation and upgrades in industry;
  • Supporting and assisting governmental operations; and
  • Promoting harmony and sustainable development in society.

The components of the X-Eco Mall will also develop synergistically with the support of digital platforms; XJTLU schools, academies, and offices; and external partners. To empower industries and communities, it will offer products and services, including talent education, collaborative research, management consulting, digital consulting and transformation support.

By Bo Kou and Luyun Shi
Edited by Tamara Kaup and Patricia Pieterse

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