Study Abroad Fair showcases diverse options

28 Dec 2023

On 29 November, XJTLU Global held the Study Abroad Fair, attracting hundreds of students who are interested in overseas education. It introduced a range of options, including the University of Liverpool 2+2 route, one-semester or one-year exchange programmes, and summer and winter schools.

The event consisted of workshops on overseas study and networking opportunities with representatives from over 50 partner universities, the University of Liverpool 2+2 team, and exchange student ambassadors.

A representative from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology talking with students

Study abroad for personal growth

In her opening speech, Professor Qiuling Chao, Vice President for Student Affairs and Information and Secretary of Party Committee at XJTLU, encouraged students to seize study abroad opportunities.

“The overseas experience is helpful to your personal development, although sometimes you may find it frustrating or a little confusing. However, these difficulties will ultimately offer you valuable and enriching experiences that contribute to your growth,” she said.

Kirsty Mattinson, Director of XJTLU Global, emphasised the importance of young people exploring the world.

She said: “If you stay in your own country for the whole period of your youth, you will probably not have reached a level of wisdom, maturity, independence, and self-confidence that you could have if you had left your comfort zone.”

Ryan Ho, a Year Four BA International Relations student from Singapore, studied at the University of Liverpool for one year. He shared his experience of engaging in an interactive and inclusive classroom.

“What stands out to me during the exchange year is the classroom culture. Many lecturers often start classes by asking a question about today’s lesson topic, and then structure the lesson based on our responses. There’s also an international vibe in the classroom with students from all over the world. This diversity brings a variety of perspectives and sparks a lot of constructive debates.”

A representative from The London School of Economics and Political Science introducing diverse options

University of Liverpool 2+2 route

A key focus of the Study Abroad Fair is to introduce the University of Liverpool 2+2 route, which offers undergraduate students at XJTLU a chance to study in the UK for their final two years.

Professor Simon Jones, Dean for XJTLU at the University of Liverpool, underscored the benefits of the 2+2 route.

“The University of Liverpool offers a remarkable advantage through its immersive research-led environment,” he said. “Liverpool has a fantastic research base. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to study with world-renowned academics who are leaders in their fields and work in top-notch laboratories and facilities.”

He also highlighted the support that the University of Liverpool provides for 2+2 students.

“We understand the challenges students face when moving to a foreign country, including adapting to a different language and culture, and more. To assist them, we offer extensive support in areas such as academic guidance, career development, cultural adaptation, financial aid, and personal well-being,” he said.

Diverse options

The event also presented students with opportunities for summer and winter schools, as well as exchange programmes offered by XJTLU’s partner universities.

University representatives engage in talks

Carolina Guarnotta, International Programmes Officer at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, introduced their English-taught summer school programmes.

She also highlighted a special offer for XJTLU students: “Around six students from XJTLU can participate in our summer school programmes with a fee waiver. These students will only be responsible for their accommodation costs, as their tuition fees are waived.”

Dr Alastair Darby, Programme Director of XJTLU’s BSc Applied Mathematics, represented the University of New South Wales, Australia.

He says: “Students who participate in this exchange programme will spend their third year at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. They will study similar material but with the added advantage of experiencing life in Australia, surrounded by beaches and sea in a warm climate.

“They will immerse in a different culture, encounter new teaching methods, and explore unique content, particularly in climate and ocean dynamics, an area where the University of New South Wales excels.”

A student consulting at the university booth

Keyu Mao, a Year One BSc Applied Mathematics student, found attending the fair to be a valuable experience.

“I’m particularly intrigued by some interdisciplinary programmes, as they are new to me, and I am always interested in exploring the unknown. These programmes also provide insights into potential directions for my postgraduate studies,” she said.



By Katharina Zhu
Edited by Xinmin Han and Patricia Pieterse
Photos by Yilin Li

28 Dec 2023


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