Dive into a World of International Research Collaboration between XJTLU, China and Taylor’s University, Malaysia

29 Apr 2024

Hey, Science enthusiasts at XJLTU! We've got some thrilling news to share!

🎓 About Taylor's University: 🎓

Taylor's University has been a beacon of excellence in Malaysia's higher education landscape since 1969. Ranked #1 and the largest private university in Malaysia, Taylor's is recognized globally for its commitment to academic brilliance and research innovation. With a stellar rise to # 284 in the QS World University Rankings and a pioneering curriculum framework, Taylor's University is at the forefront of shaping future leaders in various fields including Science.

🔬 Summer Research Mobility Program: 🔬

Under the expert guidance of esteemed Professors from both institutions, selected students from the School of Science (SCI) at XJTLU will embark on an exciting four-week research journey at Taylor's University from July 21st to August 17th. This exclusive program offers an outstanding hands-on experience in diverse research projects, spanning both wet and dry lab science disciplines.

📸 Moments Captured:

1. Kickoff Meeting: Check out this snapshot from our recent kickoff meeting, where Dr. Weiwei Dai, Program Coordinator, alongside Dean Prof. John Moraros, warmly welcomed and congratulated the six selected students for their outstanding achievements!

2. Prof. John Moraros introduced the partnership with Taylors University, the history about this exciting summer student mobility program, his expectations and confidence for our SCI selected students to act as great XJTLU’s ambassadors at Taylor’s University. He also expressed his strong support for the selected students and the first SCI, XJTLU Summer Research Mobility Program with Taylors’ University.

3. Dr. Dai emphasized the importance of safety for all the selected students, and provided some helpful tips for assisting SCI students to perform well prior to, during, and after the summer program. Also, Dr. Dai assured our selected SCI students that additional exciting exchange programs will be provided for our SCI undergraduate students in the near-future.

🎓 Meet the Chosen Ones: 🎓

Our six selected SCI students are: Mr. Pengshan Li (team leader), Ms. Tianyu Liu, Ms. Kexin Feng, Ms. Michelle Teo, Ms. Lavena Angie, and Ms. Pushkina Vera. Congratulations to the six bright young scholars selected for this prestigious program! Get ready to make waves in the scientific community as you delve into cutting-edge research projects alongside renowned mentors in a truly international environment.

📸 Group Photo: Let's capture this milestone moment! Here's a heartwarming snapshot of our selected students, alongside Dean Prof. John Moraros and Dr. Weiwei Dai, as they embark on this exciting journey of research and discovery!

(The first row from left to right are: Ms. Tianyu Liu, Ms. Pushkina Vera, Ms. Michelle Teo; the second row from left to right are: Mr. Pengshan Li, Dr. Weiwei Dai, Prof. John Moraros, Ms. Kexin Feng, Ms. Lavena Angie)

🤝 Building Bridges, Making Waves: 🤝

Dean Prof. John Moraros stated: “We are thrilled to foster a culture of international collaboration and academic and research excellence for our SCI students through this partnership with Taylor's University Together, our selected student scholars and their Faculty Supervisors are paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries and meaningful contributions to the world of science.”

Dr. Weiwei Dai, Program Coordinator from SCI, XJTLU and Director of Suzhou Key Lab in Metabolic Syndrome and Drug Design, said: “I sincerely wish all of our selected SCI students to have a safe, pleasant, and productive research journey at Taylor’s University in Malaysia!”

Dr. Yap Wei Hsum, Program Coordinator from Taylor’s University, added: “The Summer Research Mobility program provides students with an opportunity to gain hands-on research experience, enhance their international experience and develop cross cultural competencies. We are committed to preparing students for a future in which they will become global citizen.”

🌍 Stay Tuned for Updates: 🌍

As our SCI students embark on this thrilling journey of discovery, please stay tuned for exciting updates and insights into their research endeavors! Let's cheer them on as they engage in this transformative experience!

Excited? We sure are! Here's to a summer filled with learning, discovery, and endless possibilities! 💫


29 Apr 2024