【Event Review】The School of Cultural Technology Student Exhibition: Generative Art

April 01, 2024

On March 13th, year two students from BA Arts, Technology and Entertainment with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism in the School of Cultural Technology attended an opening of their exhibition of Generative Art, themed 56, from the module Form, Innovation and Culture (CAT102TC) at the 56 Cultural Innovation Park, Suzhou.

The exhibition showcased the software work of twenty-one students that is randomly generated, and changed according to external factors, such as the time of day, and highlighted the park’s artistic and cultural philosophy.

All works were coded with the Processing programming environment and exhibited on the large LED screen at the entrance to the park. The exhibition foregrounds the School of Cultural Technology’s implementation of integrative education by directly connecting students with cultural venues, responding to key partner briefs, and subsequently networking with those key partners.

The exhibition continues at the 56 Cultural Innovation Park until the 3rd of April, welcome to join the show!

Text: Garrett Lynch IRL,Yuling Chen

Picture:Garrett Lynch IRL

Editing: Ruinan Shi

April 01, 2024