ACC Department organises its first Learning and Teaching Seminar

30 Apr 2024

In response to the University and the School’s aspirations on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business education, the Accounting Department organised a learning and teaching seminar on 17 April 2024.

The session consisted of two parts. The first part focused on AI integration in Business Education whereas the second part was open to Accounting Department faculty members to share the innovations and practices in learning and teaching activities.

Dr. Nimesh Salike

Dr. Nimesh Salike, the Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, delivered the opening speech. In his speech, Dr. Salike discussed the transformative power of AI in revolutionising education, as well as the roles of educators in utilising AI in learning and teaching activities.

Ms. Jing Wang

The first keynote speaker was Ms. Jing Wang, Deputy Director of Learning Mall. Ms. Wang shared the different types of support from Learning Mall, which are readily available to faculty members to incorporate AI in learning and teaching activities.

Dr. Xiangyun Lu

The next session was delivered by Dr. Xiangyun Lu from the Accounting Department. Dr. Lu shared background information on the various AI tools available. She also shared her experiences in adopting AI into her modules, including students’ adoption of AI in classroom learning.
In the second part of the session, taking from the Cognitive Load Theory and Scaffolding in Learning, Dr. Liyan Hou of the Accounting Department shared techniques utilised in delivering challenging content to students.
Finally, Dr. Jing Huang ended the session by sharing insights and experiences in designing coursework that can effectively improve student learning performance on accounting content.
All in all, the Learning and Teaching seminar was a fruitful event that sparked meaningful conversations among faculty members in the pursuit of enhancing learning and teaching practices.

30 Apr 2024