Biomarker Research in Cancer Immunotherapy

07 May 2024

Professor Eyad Elkord from the Department of Biological Sciences-School of Science-XJTLU, in collaboration with colleagues from Japan and the USA, has recently edited a book on the research topic "Novel Biomarkers in Tumor Immunity and Immunotherapy" with Frontiers in Immunology. Identifying new biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy is extremely important because it can help predict how patients will respond to treatment and allow for more personalized and effective therapies. This research topic is covered by way of a ground-breaking collection with 49 accepted manuscripts and its own personalized eBook.

In this Research Topic, numerous researchers reported novel biomarkers and methodologies for predicting the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy across various cancers. Alongside traditional immunological analyses, a diverse array of methodologies such as bulk RNA-Seq, scRNA-Seq, and bacterial flora analysis have been employed. Moreover, state-of-the-art bioinformatics technologies have been effectively utilized in biomarker discovery. These investigations not only unveil intriguing new discoveries facilitated by cutting-edge technologies but also hold significant promise for shaping the future landscape of cancer immunotherapy.

In addition, this collection contains studies that explore the role of the gut microbiota in regulating the tumor microenvironment and response to immunotherapy, providing insights into potential therapeutic interventions. The use of advanced techniques and methods such as quantitative immunohistochemistry and bioinformatics have improved the accuracy of prognostic assessment of cancer patients.

Professor Eyad Elkord, one of the main authors, contributed extensively to this research topic and said “It is exciting to examine and, reveal the multifaceted prospects of tumor immunology and its potential implications for future advances in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. It is an area of growing and significant interest that I will continue to study carefully with my existing and future MRes and PhD students in the School of Science at XJTL.”

As a result of this successful collaboration, Frontiers launched a ‘Volume 2’ for this research topic, linking it to the existing topic and highlighting this contribution as a Community Series.

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07 May 2024