School of Science, XJTLU Co-sponsored a Prominent International Neuroscience Conference in Yerevan, Armenia

29 May 2024

From May 16-19th, 2024, the city of Yerevan in Armenia hosted the annual “Neuroscience Week 2024.” This meeting was held in conjunction with the 30th Jubilee International Stress and Behavior Neuroscience conference. The event was jointly organized by the COBRAIN Neuroscience Center of Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), Orbeli Institute of Physiology and the School of Science at XJTLU. This highly anticipated convention brought together 250 leading experts and researchers in the fields of stress and behavior neuroscience from 25 countries around the world.

Professor Alan Kaluev, Department of Biological Sciences, School of Science at XJTLU was the Conference Chair and Principal organizer. The conference kicked off with an opening ceremony featuring a keynote speech on Alzheimer disease from a prominent Armenian neuroscientist, Prof. Konstantin Yenkoyan (YSMU, Vice Rector and Director of COBRAIN Center), followed by an inspiring lecture on neurometabolomics by Prof. Daniel Anthony from Oxford University (UK). Welcoming remarks were given by Academicians of the European Academy, Professors Alan Kaluev, Vladimir Purpurra and Alexey Semyanov, who are currently leading research teams in China. Academician-Secretary, Ruben M. Arutyanan, Chair of Biology Section, warmly greeted the delegates on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Conference Co-Chair, Prof. Naira Ayvazyan, Director of Orbeli Institute of Physiology, cordially welcomed delegates to Yerevan on behalf of the Armenian Physiologists and Armenian National Neuroscience association.

Over the course of the 4-day conference, attendees were able to view and participate in various workshops, panel discussions, and poster presentations covering a wide range of topics related to stress and behavior neuroscience. The intensive 4-day meeting program included 15 plenary lectures, 8 symposia, 2 moderated poster sessions, 1 student symposium and 3 career development sessions for young scientists. Conference symposia were dedicated to a wide range of topics in Neurochemistry, Neuropathophysiology, Translational Neuroscience, Executive Function, Zebrafish neuroscience, Biological Psychiatry, Molecular neuroscience and Physiology of the central nervous system. A lineup of outstanding international symposia speakers emphasized the importance of understanding the relationship between stress and behavior, highlighting the latest advancements in neuroscience research and the potential for future developments in this field.

Overall, the conference brought together world renowned clinical and basic scientists, as well as psychologists and educators, and provided its delegates a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and research findings in the rapidly growing field of neuroscience. The international conference was prominently featured in mass media and covered by the Chanel 1 of the National TV. Following the conference, its delegates had an opportunity to meet with YSMU Rector, Professor Armen Muradyan, and visit laboratories of the University, COBRAIN Center and Orbeli Institute of Physiology of Armenian National Academy of Sciences.

Professor Alan Kaluev expressed his great sense of satisfaction with the high level of engagement and general success of the conference and stated “This prominent conference brought together world leading neuroscientists from across the globe and provided a platform to highlight and make visibly the outstanding research work and capabilities of our School of Science and XJTLU to the global academic community. In the near future, we plan to host similar world class conferences and events on our modern campus at XJTLU and beautiful city of Suzhou.”

Information provided by: Professor Alan Kaluev
Reviewer: Professor John Moraros

29 May 2024