IBSS Successfully Held BI Exchange Programme Graduation Ceremony

19 Jun 2024

As the one-year exchange programme between the International Business School (IBSS) and BI Norwegian Business School concluded successfully, a grand graduation ceremony was held on June 11th at IBSS to honor the 11 BI students who spent their last year of their studies at IBSS. This ceremony not only marked the end of the students' one-year educational journey but also celebrated another milestone in the enduring partnership between the two institutions.

The IBSS-BI exchange programme, which commenced in 2016, faced significant challenges during the pandemic, making it difficult for IBSS to host international exchange students. This event marked the first graduation ceremony since the pandemic. Professor Ewout van der Schaft, Associate Dean for Internationalisation served as the host of the graduation ceremony and welcomed all participants.

Professor Ewout van der Schaft

During the ceremony, Professor Jorg Bley, Dean of IBSS, delivered an enthusiastic speech, warmly congratulating the exchange students and commending their academic achievements and personal growth over the past year. He shared his own transformative educational experiences and highlighted the rapid development of China, emphasizing that the East can also learn from the West. He underscored the importance of a global perspective in today’s business world and encouraged students to continue exploring, learning, and innovating.

Professor Jorg Bley

Dr. Ellen Touchstone, IBSS Associate Dean for Responsible and Sustainable Business Education, also spoke as a representative for the FYP supervisors. She praised the BI students for their academic creativity, adventurous spirit, and resilience, noting that their cohort upheld the high standards set by their predecessors. Dr. Touchstone appreciated the international students for bringing their passion for sustainability and creative problem-solving to the group.

Dr. Ellen Touchstone

Student representative Sindre Gumø delivered a heartfelt speech, sharing their learning experiences, cultural adaptation process, and stories of personal growth during the exchange period. These narratives not only inspired all present but also demonstrated the profound impact of the exchange programme on the students' future careers and personal development.

Sindre Gumø

Kirsty Mattinson, Head of X-Global in XJTLU, remarked, “When you came back, which was for us at the end of the pandemic, it was like a ray of sunshine. We hope that some exchange students return for Master or Ph.D. programmes.”

Kirsty Mattinson

Since its inception, the IBSS-BI Business School Exchange Programme has been dedicated to providing students with cross-cultural learning opportunities, enhancing their global competitiveness through practical activities and exchanges. This year's graduation ceremony reaffirmed the programme's value and influence, leaving the participating students with valuable memories and experiences.

As the ceremony concluded, the students embark on new journeys, equipped with rich knowledge and experiences from both business schools. We look forward to seeing them apply their learnings from the exchange programme to real-world situations, becoming bridges that connect different cultures and business worlds.

19 Jun 2024