The Opening Ceremnony of IBSS co-hosted Summer School

10 Jul 2024

On the 8th of July, in the midst of the Suzhou summer, the grand opening of summer school programme themed "Doing Business in Changing China" was held in International business school Suzhou (IBSS) at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU). This programme is jointly developed by the triple-accredited business school –IBSS and the China studies department in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at XJTLU. This marks the first summer school since the summer school in 2019 and will last for two weeks.

77 students from all over the world gathered to celebrate the commencement of this academic extravaganza. Among the 77 students were 48 undergraduate students from Petra Christian University (Indonesia),students from University of Liverpool, students from multiple international XJTLU partner universities and two current XJTLU students/alumni.

Professor Adam Cross, Associate Vice President of Education, Professor Jorg Bley, Dean of International Business School Suzhou (IBSS), Professor Ewout van der Schaft, Associate Dean for Internationalisation, Dr  Emily Williams, Head of the Department of China Studies, and Kirsty Mattinson, Head of X-global, were all present at the ceremony.

Professor Jorg Bley

At the opening ceremony, Professor Jorg Bley, the Dean of International Business School Suzhou (IBSS), delivered a passionate opening speech. He started with an introduction to the history and economy of China, emphasising that China plays a pivotal role on the global stage. He highlighted that the summer school students will have the opportunity to interact with world-class experts who possess profound understanding of both culture and business. Hence, this summer school programme represents an ideal combination of business education, cultural immersion, and language exposure. This summer school encompasses not only classroom interactions but also includes business visits and company projects to ensure students experience both the culture and business of China. Professor Bley then elaborated China's rapid development in high-speed rail, mobile payment and other technologies, as well as its warm hospitality. He expressed his hopes that students would thoroughly enjoy their time in China.

Dr Emily Williams

Subsequently, Dr Emily Williams, Head of the Department of China Studies, also delivered an opening speech. She stated that China is one of the most significant countries in the world. The country’s rising power is shaping politics, business, the economy, societies of the entire world. The faculty in China studies adopt a multidisciplinary perspective, conducting studies and research on China's history, culture, society, social change, politics, business, and economics.

Dr Miguel Hidalgo Martinez

This was complemented by her colleague Dr Miguel Hidalgo Martinez, from the Department of China Studies, who introduced the two main options students can pursue in the Department of China Studies, namely Diploma in China Studies and MA China Studies programmes.

Professor Ewout van der Schaft

In addition, Professor Ewout van der Schaft introduced the design and arrangements of this year's summer school. He mentioned that this year's curriculum aims to offer participants a multi-disciplinary and in-depth learning experience. He underlined the significance of the summer school in facilitating academic exchange and fostering an international perspective. From theoretical knowledge to company visits and sightseeing trips, every aspect has been planned to ensure that students can acquire valuable knowledge and skills. He especially thanked Dr Nimesh Salike, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, the entire IBSS WEC (Work Placement, Employability and Career Development) Team, all student volunteers, all lecturers involved and the Summer School Academic Lead Huaiyuan Zhang, for the organisation of the event.


As the opening ceremony drew to a successful close, the summer school started with its aim to sharevaluable knowledge, broaden everyone’s horizons, and establishing lasting connections with future friends from all around the world.

10 Jul 2024