School of Mathematics and Physics Hosts Excellent Research Publications to Foster Academic Exchange and Knowledge Sharing

07 Jun 2024

On May 29th, the School of Mathematics and Physics successfully held the SMP Workshop on Excellent Research Publications. The event, chaired by Professor Conghua Wen, Deputy Dean of the School of Mathematics and Physics and Head of the Department of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, aimed to showcase and celebrate the outstanding papers published by the School's academic staff, promote internal cooperation and in-depth discussion, and thus advance the development of the School's scientific research work.

The workshop specially invited five distinguished paper authors—Dr Anirudha Poria, Dr Andrew Fowlie, Dr Hanci Chi, Dr Xi Chen, and Dr Jie Chen—to introduce their research achievements and experiences in paper publication to the attendees.

At the workshop, the Associate Vice President of Research and Impact, and the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Physics, Professor Fei Ma, delivered a speech. He congratulated the five outstanding paper authors and emphasised the importance of scientific research to the School's academic life, noting that teaching and research complement each other and jointly promote the development of the School.

Subsequently, the five outstanding paper authors provided detailed interpretations of their papers and shared their experiences and insights during the submission and publication process with the participants. These shares not only provided valuable knowledge and insights to the attendees but also stimulated everyone's enthusiasm and interest in scientific research work.

Research Publications Presented:

Dr Anirudha Poria:Uncertainty principles for the short-time Fourier transform on the lattice

Dr Andrew Fowlie: Cosmological phase transitions: From perturbative particle physics to gravitational waves

Dr Hanci Chi: Positive Einstein metrics with S4m+3 as the principal orbit

Dr Xi Chen: Improved cycling of Li||NMC811 batteries under practical conditions by a localized high-concentration electrolyte

 Dr Jie Chen: Machine learning-based generalized multiscale finite element method and its application in reservoir simulation

The workshop not only commended the outstanding research achievements of the School's teachers but also provided a platform for teachers to exchange ideas and share experiences. By deeply discussing the process of paper submission and publication, teachers can better understand the nature and requirements of research work, providing valuable references and insights for future scientific research endeavours.


By Qinru Liu

07 Jun 2024