Finance Office

Finance Office

The Finance Office serves as the strategic financial hub, ensuring the university’s fiscal health and compliance while providing comprehensive financial services and support.

Roles and responsibilities

1) Finance Strategist, Analyst, and Service Provider
• Develop and standardize finance policies and procedures.
• Report financial performance and provide analytical insights.
• Manage budgeting, expense control, and financial documentation.

2) Accounting Transaction Processor and Bookkeeper
• Process accounts bookkeeping in accordance with accounting standards, policies and regulations.
• Perform month-end closing activities and reconciliation.
• Maintain foreign exchange records and update exchange rates.
• Generate financial reports and consolidate statements.

3) Tax Filing Planner and Implementer
• Compute and submit labor service tax payments.
• Handle enterprise and subordinate entity tax filings effectively.

Contact us

Location: Room 1056, 10th Floor, Central Building, North Campus, SIP Campus
Office Hours: 9am to 12pm, 1pm to 5pm (MON.-FRI.)
Tel: +86 512 8188 3297