Research Engagement and Innovation Office

Research Engagement and Innovation Office

The Research Engagement and Innovation Office serves as the catalyst for fostering a dynamic ecosystem of research excellence, technology innovation and university-industry collaboration within XJTLU and beyond.

It supports and guides a range of research innovation activities, including university-industry collaborations, technology transfer, and intellectual property operation. By safeguarding the diversity of innovation and deriving inspiration from creative ideas, the Office aims to nurture a vibrant environment of research collaboration.

Roles and responsibilities

1) Community and Industry Engagement
• Explore research collaboration projects by expanding external resources and establishing partnerships.
• Promote activities in regional research innovation collaboration.
• Support research output awards application.
• Operate the Intellectual Property Associations.

2) Global Research Engagement
• Facilitate international research partnerships and collaborations.
• Provide support for international funding opportunities and administration.
• Coordinate research activities with foreign partners.

3) Research Collaboration Support
• Support the contract signing and project administration of research cooperation
• Support industry funding program application
• Support the joint collaborative research institute application and administration.
• Maintain relevant university-industry research collaboration statistics and reports

4) Innovation Units Support
• Facilitate technology transfer
• Develop and maintain the technology outputs database.
• Operate publicity platforms to ‘display university’s research and technology achievements and resources.

5) Intellectual Property Support
• Assist in research IP applications.
• Maintain the IP data and information
• Support patent operation for patent in high quality generation and its commerlisation
• Training and consulting on intellectual property affairs within the university .

Contact us

• Location: Room 1136, 11th Floor, Central Building, North Campus
• Industrial Cooperation: Ms.Jia WU 0512-81884872, Ms. Jing ZHOU 0512-88167883
• Patent Application: Ms. Jing QIAN 0512-89173986
• International Research Cooperation: Ms. Lu ZHANG 0512-88970396
• Contract Research Project Administration: Ms. Yao QU 0512-81884887
• Email: