Sourcing Office

Sourcing Office

The Sourcing Office serves as a strategic unit responsible for supplier management and procurement processes, ensuring the acquisition of quality goods and services while optimizing costs.

Roles and responsibilities

1) Supplier Management
• Conduct thorough due diligence on potential suppliers to ensure compliance and legitimacy.
• Evaluate supplier competencies and competitive positioning.
• Collaborate with the Purchasing Office and user departments for annual supplier performance evaluations.
• Review and update the qualified supplier database annually, optimizing sourcing procedures for maximum efficiency.

2) Request for Quotation (RFQ)
• Analyze customer requirements and propose cost-saving measures.
• Coordinate with suppliers to obtain project proposals and initial quotations.
• Perform cost and scenario analysis, researching methods to decrease expenses.
• Conduct market research for different purchasing categories and implement efficient sourcing strategies.
• Attend relevant events and trade fairs to stay updated on market trends and opportunities.
• Prepare RFQ/bidding documents in compliance with legal regulations.
• Organize discussions between potential suppliers and end-users for technical details.
• Obtain pre-tendering estimations from external consultant companies.
• Invite qualified suppliers to submit bids, ensuring adherence to purchasing protocols and organizational policies.

Contact us

Location: Room 1160, 11th Floor, Central Building, North Campus, SIP Campus
Office Hours: 9am to 12pm, 1pm to 5pm (MON.-FRI.)
Tel: +86-512-8188-4882