XJTLU Graduate School exists to develop, facilitate and maintain a vibrant postgraduate community comprising PhD students, Masters students and postdoctoral researchers. The Graduate School is responsible for the admission of PhD and Masters students, and also serves as the central student-centred resource for postgraduate studies and services.


  • Coordinates admissions of PhD and Masters students
  • Manages Registration and Induction for PhD and Masters students
  • Provides administrative support to postgraduate students’ academic, research and professional development
  • Administers scholarships, fee payments, stipends, conference funds and other external funds relating to postgraduate studies
  • Liaises with the XJTLU academic departments and the University of Liverpool for PhD student co-supervision and Viva arrangement
  • Coordinates the plan setting and result entry of Masters students’ Additional Learning Activities
  • Advises students and staff on policies, regulations and procedures relating to postgraduate admissions and studies
  • Coordinates admissions of and support to Postdoctoral Researchers


Location: 8th floor, Central Building
Open: 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)
Tel: +86 512 8188 9001
Email: (PhD admissions) / (Masters admissions)

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