Technology Transfer & Collaboration Opportunities

Technology Transfer & Collaboration Opportunities


XJTLU advocates the intellectual property strategy of “innovation-oriented, value creation, and coordinated development”. It aims to jointly organize all the organizations and elements in the intellectual property operation chain and explore core technologies to enhance the quality and value of patents from the source and cultivate high-value patents. With professional operation talent team, professional management can be achieved through the selection, evaluation, cultivation and quality control. The university cooperates with industry to realize the successful transformation of intellectual property through the venture capital operation, incubation operations and other means of professional operation.

Through the cultivation of talent specialization, XJTLU has established a team of technology transfer brokers with broad technical knowledge, industry experience, market understanding and good communication to coordinate the existing intellectual property rights of the university. They explore the potential transformation value by sorting out the disciplines and application directions participate in the work of key industrial and local high-value patent cultivation, management and application.

In order to promote the commercial transformation of high technology, XJTLU has formulated relevant intellectual property transformation incentive policies to be used to transform the intellectual property of new high-tech and international leading products or technologies that are in line with China’s intellectual property demand. It motivates researchers to actively participate in research collaboration with industry and promotes the effective transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

At the same time, XJTLU cooperates with IPwe, the world’s only vendor of one-stop patent search, evaluation and transaction solutions driven by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. In the future, IPwe will provide a credible and reliable online trading platform for intellectual property and will jointly build an ecosystem of intellectual property operations with XJTLU.


Based on the advantages of international university, XJTLU attaches great importance to the exploration on cutting-edge research. At the same time, the university vigorously promote communication and collaboration with industry. XJTLU has organized research forums, tripartite talks and other research activities for industry, academia and research. The content covers XJTLU and China’s patent layout, policies, legal issues and cases in the transformation of intellectual property, patent analysis of specific professions, etc. The university collaborates with multiple parties to achieve successful intellectual property transformation through professional operations.

The XJTLU Research Festival held by XJTLU Research Office invites industry to participate, which created direct communication opportunities for researchers, enterprisers and technicians to break the boundaries and help the industrialization of research projects. Meanwhile, Research Office also actively participates in Industry-Academia-Research activities, promotes the research achievements of the university- and seeks more opportunities for collaboration with industry.

At the “XJTLU Intellectual Property Innovation Forum” in June 2019, XJTLU initiated the establishment of XJTLU Intellectual Property Innovation and Cooperation Alliance. XJTLU will provide alliance members with patent- analysis tools based on artificial intelligence and resources such as trading platform based on blockchain consensus mechanism to promote the development of electronic trading of intellectual property; XJTLU will open its entrepreneurial accelerator for alliance members to actively incubate and foster innovative patent operators and provide services for the professional development of intellectual property operations. XJTLU opens its research resources to alliance members. XJTLU cooperates with the industry, patent operators and other universities, to mine core technologies and control the quality of patents from the source based on XJTLU’s industry-academia-research work. It enhances the innovation ability of universities, institutions, and enterprises, and promote the cultivation and transformation of high-value patents.

For application to join XJTLU Intellectual Property Innovation Cooperation Alliance, please contact: 0512-81889076

For industrial collaboration related issues, please contact: Yi YAO 0512-81880481

For ecological community, activity and visit related issues, please contact: Jia WU 0512-81884872

For international collaboration related Issues, please contact: Qing SHENG 0512-88973027