XJTLU aspires to be a research-led university and is already developing a reputation for research excellence. XJTLU researchers are actively engaged in collaboration with external units including local government, industrial partners, and institutions and universities at home and abroad. In the past years, XJTLU researchers have made great progress in obtaining governmental funding. By the end of July 2019, XJTLU has received more than 270 awarded projects. The total funding amount from government is around 55,000,000RMB.

As an international joint venture university, XJTLU encourages excellent international researchers to actively participate in National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and has made impressive achievements. The successful rate of awarding International Young Scientist Fund of NSFC reaches to 30.77%, which is a very high rate among national universities. Meanwhile, the successful rate for awarded International Young Scientists Renewal Fund has reached 33%, which showing the high quality of international staff’s research. The international researchers also actively engage in the contribution to the local economic and social development. Many of their research focus on the hot or bottleneck issues of Suzhou and their research outcomes and proposed countermeasures provide valuable decision making reference to the local government.

In order to foster a supportive and excellence-based research environment, the University has made significant investments through establishing internal research funding programmes particularly to enhance the opportunities and the support for early-career researchers to initiate their research career at XJTLU and inspire them to seek governmental research funding. Since 2010, more than 350 academic staff has successfully received the internal research funding and the total funding amount is around 24 million.

To further enhance XJTLU research and societal impact to the local economic development, Key Programme Special Fund is established since 2017 which is financially supported by Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District Administrative Committee (SEIDAC), Suzhou Industrial Park Science & Technology and Information Bureau (STIB) and XJTLU. Through the development of these key projects we hope to create a win-win situation for XJTLU, the society and the industry, and further XJTLU’s development as a research-led international university. During 2017 to 2019, more than 70 projects have been funded with the total funding amount of 33,820,000RMB. The applied technology and technology transfer programmes have helped researchers to build friendly and solid relationships with over 25 industrial partners from different fields.