José Leonardo Romero Hung


Dr. José Romero Hung is an international PhD. Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University at the School of Electronic Science and Technology, under the supervision of Prof. Shi Guoyong and Prof. Li Chao laureated in the fields of Microelectronics and Computer Systems respectively. His advances on dynamic graph neural networks acceleration for resource constrained environments represented one of the first works ever published in this segment and a big step toward the feasibility of high-speed graph learning embedded systems.

Priorly, he obtained his MSc. from Harbin Institute of Technology at the School of Computer Science in Harbin, China, tutored by eminent Prof. Wang Ling. His B.Eng. in System's Engineering is from Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica (UNEXPO) Antonio José de Sucre in Caracas, Venezuela.

Dr. José Romero Hung also served as an Electronic Engineer for Fundación Centro Nacional de Desarrollo e Investigación en Telecomunicaciones (CENDIT) (Caracas, Venezuela), as an Adjunct Teacher for Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Fuerzas Armadas (UNEFA) (Caracas, Venezuela), as an Electronic Engineer for the R&D department of URIT Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. global IVD provider (Guilin, China), and as Research Assistant in Zhejiang Lab (Hangzhou, China).

His current research efforts are dedicated to the fundamental advance of ultra-high-speed AI-based GNN for embedded applications, and in a broader spectrum, to any kind of low-resource technology adequation of instant graph learning for varied cross-field contexts.
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