Intelligent Computing:

  • Big data modeling and computing based on incomplete information (under research)
  • Efficient modeling and calculation of massive data association (under research)
  • Algebraic Acceleration Method for Radiation Transport Problem (General Assembly of Military Commission)
  • 3D Image Processing and Intelligent Medical Devices Complex and efficient fluid calculation method (under research)
  • Efficient reservoir simulation calculation method (under research)
  • Intelligent Recommendation and New Retail Business Layout Optimization
  • Big Data of Urban Traffic and Smart City
  • Artificial Intelligence in University Mathematics Teaching Technology (under research)
  • Precision medicine—diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities based on karyotype analysis

Financial Technology:

  • Futures/options-based automated trading, risk control and allocation
  • China Futures Market Margin Management System
  • China’s Interest Rate Model Construction and Monetary Policy
  • Evaluation Economic Scenario Generator Study
  • China Corporate Bond Market Research
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