2022-2023 AIAC Guest Lecture Series

2021-2022 AIAC Guest Lecture Series

2020-2021 AIAC Guest Lecture Series


No. Personal Profile Date Module Subject
Name Company Title
1 Qi Zhang DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Senior Technical Expert Oct 17th-28th, 2022 DTS301TC Data mining
2 Liang Hu DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Chief Arficial Intelligence Scienst Oct 17th-28th, 2022 DTS301TC Data mining
3 Yufeng Miao Microsoft (Asia) Chief Product Officer, Microsoft R&D Group Asia Pacific Dec 2nd, 2022 Recruitment Activity An Overview of Cutting‐edge Digital Technologies in Microsoft
CTO, Innovation and Incubation, Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute
4 Xiaodong Yang Zhejiang Gongshang University Associate Professor of department of artificial intelligence Dec 5th, 2022 DTS202TC CUDA C expert teaching
5 Nuo Xu Data Grand Tech Inc. (Shanghai, China) Algorithm Engineer Mar 29th, 2023 DTS301TC Share the practial application of expertise from an industry perspective
6 Liang Yuan Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Associate Professor Mar 29th, 2023 DTS205TC High Performance Computing
7 Qi Duan SenseTime Senior Director Apr 1st, 2023 DTS101TC The Past and Present of Artificial Intelligence and the Latest Research Progress in Its Application in the Medical Field
8 Shuxue Ding Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology Full professor, PhD supervisor, and Dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence Apr 24th, 2023 FYP From Sparse Representation to Non-Gradient Neural Network Training Algorithm
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