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Dr. Merisa Skulsuthavong joined the Department of Media and Communication, XJTLU in 2020. Following an undergraduate degree at The Australian National University, which she graduated from in 2006, she pursued a MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at the University of Warwick in 2009.

Dr. Merisa then studied as a Ph.D. student in Journalism, Media, and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University where she was supervised by Professor Paul Bowman. Her Ph.D. was entitled 'Thainess' and Bridal perfection in Thai Wedding Magazines' and within this work, she adopted the semiotic and multimodal analysis of the different forms of media present within female-orientated publications within Thailand. Subsequently, she examined the depiction of women in particular and considered stereotypical cultural attributes that highlighted a distinction between the traditionalised Thai and 'modern' Thai bride. Underpinned, then, by feminist and cultural theory, her thesis demonstrated how wedding magazines in Thailand have long been dominated by advertisements of products and argued that the consumption of this media stimulates both mythos and symbolism as measures of power and control.

Between 2016 and 2018 she published several popular children's English language learning books aimed at young Thai learners. In 2018 Dr. Merisa was appointed to Chiang Mai University, Thailand, as Lecturer of Mass Communication, where she taught extensively and co-authored several works.
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