Nobuhiko Tazoe


Nobuhiko Tazoe was born and raised in Kobe, Japan. He obtained his master's degree in linguistics from the University of Tokyo in 2003 by conducting field research on a language spoken in a Muslim community in Hainan, China. He has extensive experience in teaching Japanese as a second/foreign language to people from various countries such as Nepal, Vietnam, the United States, European countries, etc. In addition to Japanese he taught Chinese at Okinawa International University and Okinawa University, and also served as a lecturer of linguistics and phonetics at a Japanese language teacher school on a Japanese training programme for over ten years. He has lived in Nanning, Sanya, Guangzhou, Macau, and Okinawa before joining the XJTLU Japanese teaching team in February 2023.He is passionate about teaching and learning languages, as well as fishing, nature walking, and traveling.
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