Call for Papers

Call for Papers

We invite proposals for presentations, workshops, or panel discussions in the following areas or other related topics:

  • The global language landscape: emerging trends and predictions
  • Blended learning environments and classrooms of the future
  • Empowering language learners
  • Language teacher identity and agency in the era of AI and technology
  • Ethical and inclusive practices in technology-enhanced language education
  • Rethinking language assessment in the age of generative AI
  • Immersive technologies and language acquisition
  • Utilizing learner analytics or other data-driven approaches

Presentations: 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions

Workshops: 45 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions

Panel Discussions: 40 minutes (3-5 presenters) plus 15 minutes for questions from the audience

N.B. The conference will be held entirely onsite for presenters and attendees. Moreover, for topics related to language teaching in Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish, we welcome presentations in either one of the three languages or in English.