Learning and teaching

Learning and teaching

Mathematical Contest in Modeling/The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM)

MCM/ICM is an extracurricular activity at XJTLU. Students from different departments and schools had joined the competition voluntarily since 2008. Each team consisting of three students should provide their solution in an academic paper format to tack the given open-ended problem, practical problem or virtual problem.
In 2023, XJTLU students had obtained 89 awards including outstanding winner, finalist, meritorious winner, honourable mention and successful participant.

2023 2033 2021 2020 2019 2018
Finalist 1 1 2 1
1 2 12 3 2 3
13 19 18 14 2 18
74 81 85 64 75 47
Total 89 103 117 82 80 68

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

We can offer opportunities for a select group of undergraduate students to work on research projects during the summer through the SURF programme. ​
This programme provides students with the opportunity to develop practical research skills related to knowledge they have acquired throughout their actuarial education, enhancing the research activities of both academic staff and students.​

Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modelling (CUMCM) 

It is an annual contest for undergraduates all over the world, organized by CSIAM (China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics). It has been held annually since 1992, and the team’s task is to develop in three days mathematical and/or computer models to solve a simplified real-word problem in engineering, management, etc. The aim of the contest is to improve students’ understanding of mathematics, especially mathematical modeling and mathematical software, and to enhance students’ motivation for studying mathematics and to cultivate students’ creativity and overall competency.

Physics Contest

It is an international contest for undergraduate students, who work in teams of three at their home colleges and universities all over the world. The competition involves analysing a real-world scenario using the principles of physics, with a 48-hour period granted in which to interpret their plans on paper.
XJTLU student teams have achieved unprecedented success at an international physics competition. They competed against over 300 teams and won 4 silver and 15 bronze medals according to the results of the 1st – 14th University Physics Competitions.

Creative Teaching

·       Tales of the Stars: Astronomy Play Unlocks Creative Teaching Methods
The first Campus Superhero Design Competition, organised by Dr. Pang Xiaoying of the Department of Physics, concluded with a team approach in which students designed their own superhero image by applying their knowledge of physics.
·       XJTLU League of Legends Debut Takes You on a Journey to Unlock the Physical World
The science play is a cross-disciplinary creation by Dr Xiaoying Pang from the Department of Physics. The drama tells a story of interstellar migration against the backdrop of nearly exhausted resources in the early 22nd century.
·       Operational Research Festival Poster Exhibition Review
Junior students’ MTH203 Operational Research poster exhibition is usually held in May in the School of Mathematical Physics. More than 200 students participated in the poster exhibition, displaying posters, covering research results on developing algorithms for large Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) problems and modelling shared electric vehicle planning, attracting more than 60 other students and teachers to visit and interact.
·       Student Experience Sharing Session
XJTLU School of Mathematics and Physics, with the supports from math club and actuarial science club, held the “Student Experience Sharing Session” to help freshmen and sophomores to clarify their study goals and plan their professional development direction. Four seniors, who have successfully obtained offers from top universities, were invited to share their experiences in applying for graduate schools, examinations, internships and research activities.


·    Math Club

Math Club mainly focus on academic activities within the school, teaching and learning, mathematical modeling, and mathematical applications.

The Mathematics Society organizes a series of lectures and special seminars, original materials and lecturer team activities, auxiliary lectures on mathematical modeling by professors in the mathematics department and invited experts, and organizes students to participate in campus competitions, online competitions, national competitions, and the MCM/ICM, as well as other mathematical application activities.

·    X Actuarial Society

Given the current situation where there is a large variance in actuarial professional performance across different grades, a high failure rate, and difficulty in finding relevant internships, it is hoped that a platform can be provided for students interested in actuarial science to engage in learning and exchange of information. Daily functions will include conducting actuarial lectures (such as the SOA University Tour), providing guidance and teaching for actuarial exams and professional courses, compiling actuarial materials, and organizing actuarial competitions.

·     Physics Club

The Physics Club devotes itself to creating a platform for inspiring students’ desire to communicate with those with an interest in physics, along with developing innovation abilities. The main purpose of Physics Club is to provide an academic environment without study pressure, but just interest by conducting physics salons and experiments, playing science films, addressing academic lectures, joining physics competitions, along with composing reviewing physics class materials.

·    Sagittarius Astronomy Club

Sagittarius Astronomy Club was established in 2016. The club consists of astronomy enthusiasts at XJTLU, and is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of astronomy to young adults. The club regularly organizes lectures about astronomy and space. During astronomical events (such as meteor showers and eclipses), the club also organizes observational activities and outreach activities to the community.