The School of Mathematics and Physics emphasises teaching excellence and developing students’ potential by encouraging self-motivation, learning independence and creativity.

The School’s teaching aims to provide a solid foundation for students’ further study and career development, to ensure a smooth transition from passive learning to active learning and to cultivate problem-solving abilities, computational skills, paper-writing skills, and communication skills via formal and informal activities.

The teaching characterises itself in the interactions between teaching and pedagogical and academic research, combining the advantages of the British system and the Chinese system.

The School implements rigorous supervision and administrative measures to ensure the quality of its teaching and encourages students to grow into global players from the beginning of their university careers.

In the 2021 cohort of graduates, 45.75% students in Applied Mathematics, 40.61% students in Financial Mathematics and 32% students in Actuarial Science had been accepted by the top 10 universities in the world (as per Times Higher Education’s ranking system).

Research-led teaching


MCM/ICM is an extracurricular activity at XJTLU. Students from different departments and schools had joined the competition voluntarily since 2008. Each team consisting of three students should provide their solution in an academic paper format to tack the given open-ended problem, practical problem or virtual problem. XJTLU students had obtained over 100 awards including, outstanding winner, finalist, meritorious winner, honourable mention in the last 10 years. In 2019, a team with three students from applied mathematics, financial mathematics and computer science had finished an excellent paper on the problem“Time to leave the Louvre” and was designated as an outstanding winner. In 2021, 12 XJTLU student teams achieved the Meritorious winner and two teams were recognized as Finalists.

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