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Dr. Park started his research career in the area of eukaryotic gene regulation through earning a Ph.D. degree at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA. He investigated a critical epigenetic enzyme complex in cancer development at Princeton University, USA as a postdoctoral researcher, and published highly cited articles in several premier journals. He also worked at the biochemistry laboratory of The Rockefeller University, New York, USA, and investigated p53 tumor suppressor with Professor Robert Roeder who is a founder of eukaryotic transcription studies.

Dr. Park was appointed as a Senior Lecturer (comparable to a tenured Associate Professor in the American system) in 2009 at Massey University, a National University of New Zealand, and kept served as an academic faculty in the subject area of Biochemistry and Genetics. For over ten years at Massey University, his research had been driven mainly by undergraduate students and resulted in many peer-reviewed publications in the basic biomedical research area. His research was stably funded by several funding bodies including Genesis Oncology Trust and Health Research Council of New Zealand.

He is collaborating with New Zealand biomedical research institutes including Hopkirk Research Institute for cancer vaccine development and Gillies McCindoe Research Institute for cancer stem cell research. Starting from 2020, he was appointed as a Senior Associate Professor at XJTLU as well as an Honorary Research Associate at Massey University. His group will investigate a novel epigenetic protein complex in cancer immune evasion and nanofibre-based cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.
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