Yuehan Dou


Dr Yuehan Dou (窦月含) is an assistant professor at the Department of Health and Environmental Sciences.

With a background in environmental sciences, she got 3/4 of her diplomas from the same Wageningen University ( the university said itself ranked top 2 in Environment and Ecology this year) in the Netherlands (hate moving).

Her research focused on restoring the physical environment to protect wild animals (birds are cute) and local culture, which are undergoing massive disturbances due to (not only) human activities. After conducting extensive fieldwork across China's diverse landscapes, including grasslands, coastal wetlands, drylands and forests (all beautiful places to travel), she found that the habitat quality of human species might be overlooked during ecological restorations.

That's why her current research is focused on human perception, including how landscapes impact physical and mental health and the connection between the sense of place and labour migration - two seemingly unrelated topics that have a surprising amount in common.

Overall, it's about bringing attention to the complex interactions between humans and nature and how these interactions can shape our well-being. If you are interested in ecosystems and the way in which we interact with the world around us, join her on this journey of discovery.
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