Ongoing research projects

Ongoing research projects
Year awarded Project name Principal investigator Funding body
2020 Urbanization and community structure: the impact of habitat transformation on competition and predation in avian assemblages Emilio Pagani-Núñez XJTLU PGRS
2020 Social and cultural determinants of health in China Stephen Pan XJTLU RDF
2020 The spatio-temporal change of arsenic species in the interfaces of paddy soils Zheng Chen NSFC General Program
2019 Effect of atmospheric stability on aeolian transport Bailiang Li NSFC General Program
2019 Impacts of multiple stressors on ecosystem functions of high mountainous streams Naicheng Wu XJTLU PGRS
2019 Development and application of diatom community based assessment system under multiple environmental stressors Naicheng Wu China West Normal University
2019 Agricultural biodiversity investigation in Chuodunshan, Kunshan Yi Zou Industry Project
2019 The impact of changing landscapes on arthropod diversity and biological pest control in agro-ecosystem Yi Zou XJTLU PGRS
2019 The development of environmental monitoring techniques based on IPI samplers Zheng Chen XJTLU KSF Applied Technology Programme
2018 The impact of urbanization on genotypes and phenotypes of Barn Swallows Emilio Pagani-Núñez NSFC General Program
2018 The Joint Accomplishment of Credibility in Healthcare Interactions: A Cross-Cultural examination Marius Wamsiedel XJTLU RDF
2018 Effects of agricultural landscape pattern on pollinator insect diversity and pollination services Yi Zou NSFC
2018 Mechanisms of the impact of landscape diversity on biological pest control Yi Zou Jiangsu Science and Technology Program
2018 Influence of agricultural landscape and environmental factors on pollinator diversity and pollination services Yi Zou XJTLU RDF
2017 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and soil carbon fluxes in Citrus groves under different land management regimes Yi Zou XJTLU RDF
2016 Study on real-time monitoring of nitrogen dioxide based on functionalized graphene nano-sensors Sujie Qin Jiangsu Science and Technology Program, General Program
2016 The modulation of iron redox cylcing and arsenic (im)mobilization by implanting sediment microbial fuel cells in paddy soils Zheng Chen NSFC General Program
2016 Pollutant removal by constructed wetlands enhanced by biochar-based bioelectrodes Zheng Chen Jiangsu Science and Technology Program, General Program