OUR PhD students

OUR PhD students


I got my master degree in University of York and was majored in Green Chemistry & Sustainable Industrial Technology. The current research is mainly focus on the speciation of Se and the interaction between Se and Cd in Se-enriched plants.

Email: Wenyao.Shi21@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

Jining Li

Jining Li received her undergraduate degree in Social Psychology and Sociology from University of Essex (UK) and her masters degree in Psychological Research Methods from University of Exeter (UK).

Her current research focuses on mental health among elderly in China.

Email: Jining.Li@xjtlu.edu.cn

Shanxing Gong

I got my bachelor degree on Huazhong Agricultural University, in Wuhan, China. My undergraduate major is plant protection, which is about integrated pest management (IPM). My final project of my bachelor degree is about physical pest control. I got my master degree on State University of New York at Stony Brook (i.e. Stony Brook University, SBU). My major is Ecology and Evolution. My capstone of my master degree is a meta-analysis about wetland restoration.

My main research project of my PhD program is “The impact of changing landscapes on arthropod diversity and biological pest control in agro-ecosystem”.

Email: Shanxing.Gong19@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

Huxuan Dai

Huxuan Dai received her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Northeast Forestry University in Harbin. Her research was focused on the groups of local residents and volunteers in nature reserves. After graduation, she worked in Shanshui Conservation Center and engaged in community conservation projects in the Three-river Resource Region.

Her current research topic is Adaptive Management of Tibetan Pastoral Social-ecological System Facing the Challenge of Grassland Degradation.

Ziao Liu

Ziao received his bachelor degree in Applied Chemistry from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in 2018. The final year project is “The preparation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-124 cysteine mutant”. He accomplished his master degree of Molecular Bioscience at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) in 2020. His master research project is “Developing a support vector machine based virtual screening approach for EGFR inhibitor discovery”. After graduation from XJTLU, he worked as an R&D Engineer in a biotechnology company for one and a half years.

His current research project of the PhD program is “Linking soil ecological functions to grassland degradation and restoration on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau”

Email: Ziao.Liu18@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

Miao Qingtian

Qingtian received the MSc Global China Studies from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and BSc International Hospitality Management from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Her current study is “The international Accomplishment of Credibility in Chinese Health Care Settings”. The research aims to study patient credibility as a reporter of symptoms at the Emergency Departments and its practical consequences.

Email: Qingtian.Miao19@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

Lukas Florian Meldau

Lukas received his MSc degree in “Geography: Resource Analysis and Resource Management“ and his BSc degree in Geography from the Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany.

His research aims to study the effects of atmospheric stability on aeolian transport. The objective is to investigate the effects of thermal and sedimentological stratification on wind fields and Aeolian transport using wind tunnel simulations and to strengthen the understanding of the two phase flow theory.

Email: L.Meldau19@student.xjtlu.edu.cn


Anjum received her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, and her masters degree in Pediatric Medicine. After training at the First affiliated Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Soochow University, she is now pursuing a PhD in Public Health from UoL at XJTLU’s Dept. of Health and Environmental Sciences.

Her current research involves a clinical trial set at the hematology ward of the Children’s Hospital in Suzhou, focusing on the well-being of children and families effected by childhood cancer.

Email: Anjumunnisa.M@xjtlu.edu.cn

Alex Denton

Alex received his bachelors in zoology from Swansea University, before obtaining an MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity from the University of Exeter. Prior to embarking on a PhD programme of study at XJTLU, he lectured in the United Kingdom, and worked for a number of organisations across South Africa conducting ecological research and educational outreach.

His current project focuses on invertebrate community ecology, investigating interactions between grassland caterpillars (Gynaephora) and the grazers of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

Email: A.Denton19@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

Bokun Sun

Bokun received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from both XJTLU and University of Liverpool and his Master degree in Environmental and Energy Engineering from University of Sheffield.

His current research focuses on effect of urban shrubs on PM2.5 dry deposition under different meteorological conditions.

Email: Bokun.Sun19@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

Sha Zhang

Sha received his first MSc in the area of Environmental Science from Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the second MSc in the area of Plant Sciences from University of Delaware, the United States, and BS in Environmental Engineering from Henan University of Technology.

Sha focus on the biogeochemistry of toxic elements such as arsenic and cadmium under changing environment. To broaden understanding of elemental behaviors and drives in different scales multiple techniques and methods are used to estimate the impacts of environmental disturbances.

Email: Sha.Zhang19@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

Dan Li

Supervised by Pro. Johannes M H Knops

I obtained a BSc in Geographic Information System (GIS) from Suzhou University of Science and Technology, China, and a MSc in Urban Planning from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China. It opened up and horizon and sharpened my skills especially in areas like data structures and computational techniques to capture, represent, process, and analyze geographic information, and cultivated my ability to think rationally about the comprehensive integration of society, economy and ecology from a diversified perspective.

After graduating, I continued to stay at the XJTLU university research center, Urban and Environmental Research Center. Through one year of work experience to study the sustainable development and environmental issues of the city, using my academic background to explore the relationship and balance between environmental ecology and social development, I have better understood the progress and difficulties of social development.

Now my PhD project is “Trade-offs and synergies between biodiversity conservation and human ecosystem services”. The research aims to spatially quantifying variations in geophysical features, biodiversity, current land use, and current services provided to humans.

Yu Zeng

Supervised by Dr. Emilio Pagani Nunez

I obtained my BSc in Wildlife and Natural Reserve Management and MSc in Zoology from the Northeast Forestry University of Harbin (Heilongjiang, China). I mainly investigated bird behavior and morphology with a particular emphasis on bird songs. I conducted a playback experiment using local and migrant male songs of Marsh Grassbirds to analyze the response intensity of their migratory populations. I also conducted research on sex identification of Light-vented Bulbul and Collared Finchbill using morphology and DNA test.

My PhD project is “Urbanization and community structure: The impact of habitat transformation on competition and predation in avian assemblages”. This research aims to study how habitat transformation affects interactions and competition between different bird species and predation rates from birds to insects.

Shuchang Liu

Supervised by Dr. Zhengfeei Ma

I received my Bachelor of Engineering from Wuhan Polytechnic University in China. My major for my bachelor’s degree was in Food Science and Engineering.

I obtained my Master of Science from University of Nottingham in UK. My concentration for my master’s degree is in Nutritional Sciences. My capstone project for my master’s degree was “Investigate the daily milk tea consumption in China and explore a potential healthier recipe”.

My main project for my PhD is “Iodine Status of Chinese Pregnant and Lactating Women and Their Infants”.

Etienne Jaime

Supervised by Dr. Stephen Pan

I received my Bachelor in Science from the University of Texas Pan-American (now UTRGV) in Edinburg, Texas. My major for my bachelor’s degree was in Biological and Biomedical Sciences. I additionally completed two minors in Chemistry and French.

I obtained my Master of Public Health from the University of North Texas – Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texas. My concentration for my master’s degree is in Behavioral and Community Health with a specialization in Global Health. My capstone project for my master’s degree was conducting a barriers analysis in condom utilization and developing a Zika Virus Prevention intervention using a Community Based Participatory Research approach and Care Groups methodology. My project was funded through a grant by USAID.

My main project for my PhD is “Prosocial behavior to improve mental and sexual health outcomes among college students, and mediating cultural factors”.

Yujia Cai

Education Background:
Yujia got a bachelor degree on Shenzhen University in Shenzhen, China. Her undergraduate major is Environmental Engineering. Her final project of her bachelor degree was about the distribution of persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
She got a master degree in Environmental Engineering in Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science, Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing, China. Her master research was about the transformation and fate of soil nitrate using molecular biological techniques.

Research Project:
Yujia’s research project of the PhD program is “Remediation of Organic Polluted Soil: Double Effects of Microbial Fuel Cells and Water Management”.

Sihao Chen

Sihao Chen is a Ph.D. candidate working at the intersection of urban theory, ecological evolution theory, geography, and science and technology studies. His current research focuses on the impact of urbanization on a significant biological and ecological indicator, the Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica). Sihao’s doctoral research is supported by the Postgraduate Research Scholarship of XJTLU and the NSFC.

He holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Tianjin Chengjian University in Tianjin (’17), and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from SEDRD, University of Guelph, Canada (’20). During academic terms at University of Guelph, Sihao has worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Sessional Lecturer for SEDRD and Ontario Agricultural College. Before starting his Ph.D., he worked for three years (PT&FT) as an urban planner and landscape architect in collaboration with local municipalities, NGOs, and international agencies both in China and Canada.


I am a Ph.D student working as atmospheric heterogeneous processes, atmospheric pollutants health assessment and environmental organic chemistry. My current research project is “Detection, heterogeneous degradation processes and health impact assessment of organic plastic additives adsorbed on particulate particles in the atmosphere”.

I got a bachelor degree on Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) of Environmental Science in 2019. My final year project is “The adsorption behavior of garlic sprout on cadmium in water”. And I got my master degree in Pollution and Environmental Control from the University of Manchester (UoM) in 2020, my master research project was “A chamber study of the yield and size distribution of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) of limonene under different NOx condition in Day time and night time”.

After I graduate from the UoM, I worked as research and teaching assistant in XJTLU for one year, mainly responsible for research work of environmental organic pollutants and health assessment, and assisted teaching work for undergraduate final year project, environmental chemistry experiment course,public health social research and field trip.

Email: Minhao.Wang15@student.xjtlu.edu.cn


Jiahuan obtained her MS in Ecology from 2013 to 2017, and BS in Ecology from 2017 to 2020 in School of Life Sciences, at Lanzhou University. She has research experiences on alpine sown grassland managements and yak dietary habits.

She is interested in the unique natural environment and rich Tibetan culture on Qinghai-Tibetan-Plateau. Now she is focus on the interaction between zokors and livestock.

Email: Jiahuan.Niu20@student.xjtlu.edu.cn


Yingyi received her Bachelor degree in Environmental Science from both XJTLU and University of Liverpool. Before coming to XJTLU for the PhD study, Yingyi was do the research in Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Her current research focuses on the development of novel sensing nanomaterials on gas sensors for environmental pollutants detection. Meanwhile, she also focuses on the self-powered optoelectronic sensor to supply energy to high-power gas sensors.

Email: Yingyi.Wang13@student.xjtlu.edu.cn


Hao received bachelor of engineering in Chemical Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology and bachelor of engineering in Environmental Engineering at Technical University of Luebeck. He accomplished his master degree of Applied and Environmental Geosciences at University of Tuebingen.

Recently, he is working on the problem of high resolution imaging of micro-interfaces in soil in Dr. Zheng Chen’s working group.

Email: Hao.Liu2002@student.xjtlu.edu.cn


I obtained my Master of Science from University of Liverpool, UK, where I majored in Accounting and Finance. My capstone project for my master’s degree was focus on the potential impact factors of the social responsibility disclosure in Chinese motor companies.

I received my bachelor’s degree from Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Henan, China.

My main project for my PhD is “Heavy metal pollution in soil and health risk in elderly: a linked database study on national scale of China”.

Email: Bingjie.Qu20@student.xjtlu.edu.cn