A transdisciplinary, industry-focused programme with expert collaborations and real-world applications.

Intelligent Engineering Science and Industrial Operations (part time)


The MSc in Intelligent Engineering Science & Industrial Operations (MSc IESIO), offered by the School of Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystem, combines manufacturing engineering with a transdisciplinary approach. Developed in collaboration with six schools at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) and key industrial partners, it aims to produce graduates who are skilled in advanced technologies, engineering management, and organisational leadership, and ready to tackle industrial and societal challenges.

The curriculum includes cutting-edge knowledge in manufacturing, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data analysis, with a focus on applying technologies to operational problems. Unique features include the Bespoke Industrial Studios, where students engage with real-world scenarios under the guidance of industry experts.

The programme also includes an internship within the industry or a semester-long work-integrated-learning project, coupled with a six-month industrial research project in the second year, fostering practical application of skills.

MSc IESIO integrates management, entrepreneurship, and innovation, preparing students for diverse roles in industry or as entrepreneurs. This holistic programme is designed to create future leaders equipped with technical, managerial, and leadership expertise, suitable for the evolving needs of modern industries.

Why Should I Study MSc IESIO?

  • Industry-embedded internship scheme: Gain practical experience through a unique internship that integrates real-world projects and collaboration with industry partners, and apply your knowledge and skills in actual industrial settings;
  • Blend of management, entrepreneurship, and innovation: The programme interweaves management principles with entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. This multifaceted approach prepares you for diverse industries or entrepreneurial ventures, providing a competitive edge;
  • Bespoke Industrial Studios experience: Acquire hands-on learning in the Bespoke Industrial Studios, led by industry professionals. Gain practical exposure and insights, learn from experts in the field, and enhance your skills and industry understanding;
  • Collaboration across disciplines: Benefit from collaboration among five schools and the Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Hub (EEH) at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). This multidisciplinary cooperation ensures a comprehensive education, fostering transdisciplinary leaders ready for modern industry challenges and opportunities.

Knowledge and skills

  • advanced technology application and innovation: applying state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approaches to solve complex engineering and industrial problems, with a focus on Industry 4.0;
  • critical analysis and problem-solving: ability to assess contemporary engineering principles, examine complex industrial problems, and develop novel solutions for modern and future scenarios;
  • interdisciplinary knowledge integration: proficiency in integrating knowledge across fields such as manufacturing engineering, supply-chain management, and entrepreneurial processes, fostering a comprehensive understanding of industry interrelationships;
  • leadership in engineering and business practices: skills in leading engineering and industrial methodologies, employing engineering economics and finance principles, and initiating new businesses and projects with a strategic mindset;
  • collaboration and systems thinking: collaborating with diverse stakeholders to design Industry 4.0 solutions and approaching multifaceted industrial and entrepreneurial challenges with a systems mindset;
  • communication and research aptitude: enhanced ability to communicate effectively in various industrial and academic settings, adapt research capabilities to industrial contexts, and propose innovative solutions by synthesising knowledge from different disciplines.

“MSc IESIO is a programme designed to provide a unique blend of knowledge and skills critical for thriving in a technological world full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.”

Dr Andrew Huey Ping Tan

Programme director


  • Material Science and Manufacturing Processes
  • Applied Research Techniques and Methodologies
  • Bespoke Industrial Studio 1
  • Bespoke Industrial Studio 2
  • Leadership
  • Industrial Research Project


Graduates of this programme are equipped for careers in engineering and business. With a solid grasp of advanced engineering knowledge, they can seek career development in roles such as technical specialist, manufacturing engineer, project manager, industrial engineer, and engineering manager. By using the breadth of skills imparted, they can also embark on entrepreneurial ventures, such as creating startups and driving business advancements. Additionally, the programme prepares graduates for conducting research, paving the way for further studies towards a PhD and careers in research.

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