Pharmaceutical Sciences (part time)


Pharmaceutical research is a frontier science worldwide. With the advancement of human civilisation and science, and the demand for a healthy life, pharmaceutical science and the pharmaceutical discipline have grown at an unprecedented rate.

To keep up with competition and demand, today’s global pharmaceutical industry requires high-level talent for research on new drug development, drug manufacturing, drug usage, pharmaceutical regulation and project management.

In China, with the improvement of relevant industry regulations, the demand for pharmaceutical management talents, which was not prominent in the past, has been strongly highlighted. In addition to other pharmaceutical science professionals, pharmaceutical regulatory and project management professionals have become necessary to address shortfalls in the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry.

MRes Pharmaceutical Sciences is a tailor-made major by XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy for the pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad. Based on the two disciplines of chemistry and biology, it covers areas such as pharmaceutical science, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical pharmacy, and social and administrative pharmacy. The programme is committed to cultivating high-end international compound talents urgently needed by innovative drug R&D enterprises.

The graduates from the MRes Pharmaceutical Sciences programme, who are taught fully in English by professors from the UK, USA, China and other countries, will have the comprehensive ability to serve as senior applied talents in various fields of the pharmaceutical industry locally and internationally.

Graduates will be capable of engaging in drug discovery, manufacturing, quality control and clinical application in research institutes, drug production and distribution enterprises, medical and health institutions, medical colleges and universities, drug inspection, drug supervision and other fields.

XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy actively complies with Suzhou’s “China Pharma Valley” strategy, the programme aims to cultivate technical professionals in the fields of artificial intelligence drug discovery, natural medicinal chemistry, biopharmaceuticals, translational medicine, personalised medicine, precision medicine, cell and gene therapy, and more. The Academy also plans to provide talent support for the development of the national health industry.

Why should I study Pharmaceutical Sciences at XJTLU?

This programme focuses on the cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality, through the close cooperation of the industry, the University and the research institute for international, well-rounded practical talents for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Pilot Project of XJTLU Stage 3.0:The MRes Pharmaceutical Sciences programme is based on the international teaching model and resource advantages of XJTLU. The Academy combines XJTLU 3.0 with the strategic goals of China Pharma Valley, by adopting the close cooperation model of government support, enterprise participation and teaching. The programme actively cultivates practical international talents who can use what they learn to meet the demand of enterprises.
  • Profound academic accumulation:We have the academic heritage from our parent universities of Xi’an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool, as well as an international academic staff composed of academic experts in various fields of pharmaceutical science and life science as well as adjunct professors with profound industry experience. The University also has a number of strong related departments, namely Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Sciences, providing a strong foundation for interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Seamless curriculum design, science teaching and the industry:XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy closely cooperates with biomedical enterprise partners to set up professional modules and curricula in line with the development trends of the industry, making it both advanced in discipline and practical in knowledge and skills. The curriculum is designed to meet international first-class professional standards, and all modules are taught in English.
  • Participating in cutting-edge industrial research projects:Under the joint guidance of an academic supervisor and an industry adjunct supervisor, relying on rich industrial resources, sophisticated scientific research equipment and a diversified international academic exchange network, students would carry out high-level and cutting-edge research in the biomedical field.
  • Industrial environment and employment opportunities:The Academy is adjacent to Suzhou Biomedical Industrial Park (BioBAY), one of the most innovative and influential biomedical industrial parks in China with more than 500 pharmaceutical innovation companies, which could provide internship opportunities. During the masters study period, students will have the opportunity to join industry-university-research joint platforms such as the university-enterprise joint laboratories to participate in research projects and gain the opportunity to enter international high-end pharmaceutical companies earlier than others.

Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the MRes Pharmaceutical Sciences programme, you will have gained:

  • the basic knowledge and experimental skills of chemistry, life science, basic medicine and other related basic disciplines necessary for pharmaceutical majors;
  • the basic theory, knowledge and skills of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacognosy and natural medicinal chemistry, and an understanding of the basics of clinical drug use;
  • preliminary training in scientific research methods, preliminary capabilities in drug discovery, drug design and production, drug quality control, lead compound drug screening and drug clinical application;
  • the ability to use information technology, literature retrieval methods and relevant mathematical knowledge and skills to analyse and solve problems related to the major;
  • an understanding of the regulations and policies of pharmaceutical administration, as well as the economic and management issues in the industry;
  • strong self-learning ability to lay the necessary foundation for receiving professional continuing education;
  • an understanding of the new scientific progress in this field and new knowledge of related disciplines;
  • a deep understanding of English culture, good oral English communication skills, and excellent English reading and writing skills to meet the needs of pharmaceutical internationalisation.

We only live once, and no matter how we choose to live, our lives are beautiful and worth cherishing. If you happen to be brave, tenacious, wise and willing to spend this only life to forge ahead, to explore and understand life, please choose the MRes Pharmaceutical Sciences programme from XJTLU, and let us go from researching a single cell to exploring the living universe.

Professor Lei Fu

Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching – Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy


Please note that this part-time programme will be mainly delivered on weekdays (From Monday to Friday).


Graduates will have the comprehensive ability to serve as senior applied talents in various fields of the pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad. They will be capable of engaging in drug discovery, manufacturing, drug inspection and drug supervision, quality control and clinical application in research institutes, drug production and distribution enterprises, medical and health institutions, and medical colleges and universities.

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