Certificate in Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education (IETE) Programme (Internal)


The Certificate in Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education (IETE) is a pilot programme of XJTLU’s SE to develop industry elites – syntegrative elites. The programme provides students with an additional educational path during their summers to earn career-related qualifications, to integrate and apply knowledge into practice, and to skills for continuous learning and self-adaptation. By enrolling in the program, students will receive cross-disciplinary training so as to enhance a comprehensive mindset, strong managerial skills, entrepreneurship, and intercultural leadership awareness. Upon successful completion of the IETE programme, students will be jointly awarded with a certificate by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and The University of Liverpool, which will contribute to their career development and graduate school application.

IETE programme consists of two levels:


  1. IETE Level 1 is designed for students who have completed their Year 2 study at XJTLU and focuses on introducing basic industrial knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to the students. This level incorporates both on-campus study and in-company placement. Students will receive professional training both on campus and in partner companies through conducting research-led and project-based learning and practices. The projects are jointly proposed and advised by XJTLU teaching staff and industrial partners.
  2. IETE Level 2 is designed for students who have successfully completed IETE Level 1. This level also consists of both on-campus study and in-company placement. Yet students will receive training related to more complex and more professional research skills as well as management and entrepreneurial skills with the focus on the Chinese context. Students will propose and conduct projects via investigating more specific and in-depth industrial issues with the approval and assistance of XJTLU teaching staff and partner companies.


  • Entering well-known companies in the industry with real research topics to improve industry literacy and innovation awareness;
  • Get to know industry leaders and get joint guidance from college and industry mentors throughout the process;
  • Learn cutting-edge business management knowledge and combine knowledge with business practices under the guidance of several industry guest lecturers;
  • Earn 20 FHEQ credits and a certificate equivalent to a minor degree jointly issued by the University of Liverpool and XJTLU;
  • Have the opportunity to choose the actual problems of the company as the topic of the graduation thesis, and get guidance from academic and industry mentors at the same time;
  • If graduates are employed by the company, they have the opportunity to receive two years of on-the-job master training.

Knowledge and Skills


IETE integrates general, specialist, industrial and management education as response to the social demand for talents with high qualities. Campus-based learning and research are integrated with in-company field studies and practical application to create a special learning context with a high degree of synergy between campus, companies and industrial environment.

XJTLU students are welcome to enroll in the IETE modules in the summer vacation as a program additional to their major studies in their undergraduate programmes. Students may also further develop and expand their IETE studies or practices as their Final Year Projects and receive further mentorship from both academics and industry leaders of IETE.

If the students are employed by the partner companies upon graduation, they may have an opportunity to do a two-year part-time Master level programme at XJTLU upon the agreement of both parties.


  • AMT
    Topic 1: Digital Transformation in Corporate Training: Business Models, Applications, and Future Development Trends
    Introduction: Companies often conduct various offline training to improve the relevant business and management capabilities of employees. With the booming development of the online education industry, corporate training is also actively exploring the path and strategy of digital transformation. This topic will guide students to adopt a research-oriented learning approach to conduct a comprehensive investigation of China’s corporate online training market and the industrial Internet industry.
    Topic 2: Research on Talent Development in Industrial Internet Industry
    Introduction: The development of the industry Internet industry is inseparable from strong talent support. How to cultivate talents that can promote the high-quality development of the industry is vital to the future development of the industry. This topic will guide students to use research-oriented learning methods to conduct in-depth exploration of talent training models and strategies in the industrial Internet industry.
  • XJ-Science Park
    Topic 1: Research on Startups in the Big Health Industry
    Introduction: The big health industry is currently booming, and many related startups have emerged in this area. This research will guide students to use the research-oriented learning method to grasp the startups in China’s big health industry as a whole, understand their development status and analyze future development trends.
    Topic 2: The Role of Digital Transformation in Cultivating and Incubating Startups
    Introduction: Digital transformation has begun to penetrate all walks of life to improve communication, work efficiency and provide managers with the data analysis results needed to make decisions. This topic will guide students from the perspective of research-oriented learning to explore the role of digital transformation in the cultivation of startups and incubation management.
  • Humanpool Group
    Topic 1: Development Status and Innovation of Human Resources Services in the Digital Age
    Introduction: At present, the human resources service industry is facing three core trends: the development of the capital economy, the development of the human capital era, and the development of the Industrial Internet. These trends are affecting the restructuring and transformation and upgrading of the market competitiveness of tens of millions of companies. This topic will guide students to analyze the current situation and future development of human resources services in the digital age with a research-oriented learning thinking.。
    Topic 2: Research on the Current Situation and Trend of Human Resources Development in the Industrial Internet Industry
    Introduction: The vigorous development of information technology is driving the rapid development of the industrial Internet industry, and the development of this industry cannot be separated from strong human resources support. This topic will guide students to use the research-oriented learning method to make an in-depth exploration of the current status and trends of human resource reasons in the industrial Internet industry.
  • Yunnan Baiyao Group
    Topic 1: Research on product traceability services in the field of general health
    Introduction: The most widely used field of traceability services is food and drug traceability. It is of great significance in ensuring food safety, increasing consumer trust and disease protection. And China’s traceability to the food and pharmaceutical industries also strongly supports national policies. But even so, there are still a large number of edible products and medicines in China that do not provide traceability information. This topic will guide students to use research-oriented thinking to conduct in-depth research on product traceability services in the field of big health.
    Topic 2: Traceability System and Innovation of Supply Chain Financing Model
    Introduction: The core of risk control of supply chain finance includes: the sustainability of business operations, the authenticity and effectiveness of business data feedback, and the overall operating status of the industry chain in which the company is located. Being able to effectively control the information of these elements can find a balance between risk and return to carry out supply chain finance business and effectively serve the growth of enterprises. This topic will guide students to use research-oriented thinking to explore the innovative development of traceability systems and supply chain financing models.
    Topic 3: Research on the Combination of Production, Learning, Research and Marketing of Big Health Products
    Introduction: Shanghai Yunnan Baiyao Food Co., Ltd. adopts the new technology functional food produced by the patented technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Depending on the scientific and medical background, it can iterate and expand product upgrades. At the moment when the epidemic situation has not been completely eliminated, in cooperation with professional hospitals and scientific research institute teams, the healthy products with scientific ratios and effective immunity can be gradually promoted to the market. This topic will guide students to use research-oriented thinking to make in-depth exploration of the development model and marketing strategy of the combination of production, study and research of big health products.


The tuition fee for each level of the IETE programme is currently 15,000 RMB. Enrollees need to complete both Level 1 and Level 2 studies to be eligible for the programme certificate.

Students of XJTLU completing all levels of the IETE programme will receive the XJTLU-SE (IETE) – Certificate in Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education jointly awarded by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and The University of Liverpool, in addition to their professional graduation and degree certificates. The CIETE is recognized by UK Ministry of Education, and the quality of teaching and assessment of the programme is scrutinized by the UK QAA (Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education) to ensure that the program follows the internationally recognized standards for higher education.

How to Apply

(please log in with your student AD account, ex. User name: xiaoming.zhang19, password: same as your email account)

Applicants to programme should submit a CV and a personal statement to the ILEAD IETE sign-up page. Application decisions will be made based on the evaluation of the application profiles and the performance at the interview. In the personal statement, applicants should specify the justifications in choosing the specific industry topic, state the personal strengths, and explain the potential relationship between IETE programme and personal career development. The CV should be no more than one page and the personal statement should be written in English with around 500 words.

As the IETE programme may enroll only a limited number of students, it is strongly advised that students with an interest in the programme should submit the application as early as possible.


Please feel free to contact IETE programme team if you have any question: IETE@xjtlu.edu.cn .

Entry Requirements

The IETE programme is open to XJTLU Year 2 students on both 4+X and 2+2 routes. It should be noted that for students enrolled in majors based in Taicang Campus, they not eligible for the programme as SE elements are embedded in the Taicang programme.