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Following XJTLU’s exciting and innovative Syntegrative Educational Model, this programme is an equal collaboration between the University and its industry partner, Eolane, Alicloud, and Tencent at the School of Internet of Things in XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang).

The Internet of Things (IoT) teaching centers on IoT Engineering with an Industrial viewpoint and an Entrepreneurial focus.

The School adopts innovative educational and pedagogical approaches, such a problem-based and project-based learning as well as project-based assessment, which are well supported by state-of-the-art laboratories and experimental workspaces.

We aim at creating young engineering entrepreneurs that can contribute with their talent to develop their industrial contexts, cities, provinces and the country.

The Internet of Things (IoT) research in our School centers on  International trends and National priorities as well as social and industrial needs for integrative solutions combining wireless communications, networks, cloud infrastructures, sensor devices, data technologies and related management and control platforms.

Essentially, the School adopts an applied research approach focusing on IoT applications in public and industrial smart grids and critical infrastructures in a variety of digital transformations contexts such as smart cities, smart industry, smart agriculture, smart home, smart healthcare, and smart transportation.

Graduates from our unique programme will meet the needs of a wide range of employers as the educational model’s unique focus on entrepreneurship and innovation provides you with the skills and abilities to think like an entrepreneur, providing the foundation for you to go on to become one of the leaders for tomorrow’s new industries.


Come and explore exciting areas of IoT such as:

  • Network and Data Structures
  • Sensor Technology
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT Data Analytics
  • Image Processing
  • Cloud Computing

And where we can apply these:

  • Smart Cities;
  • Industry 4.0;
  • Smart Manufacturing;
  • Smart Health;
  • Smart Agriculture.;
  • Smart Home …. and many others.
Qualification XJTLU BEng Internet of Things Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism University of Liverpool BEng (Hons) Internet of Things Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism More about qualifications

Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the Studying the BEng Internet of Things Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism programme, you will have:

  • an understanding of the basic theories of computer science and technology, electronic engineering, and wireless sensor networks
  • skills in Internet of Things design, research, use, maintenance, and management
  • the ability to acquire, store, retrieve, and process system information; systematically grasp information methods, sensory positioning technology, and intelligent data analysis methods in physical systems; and conduct computer network research and engineering technology application in computer, communications, automation, and electronics
  • industry knowledge of Internet of Things and their role
  • comprehensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and leadership, project management and innovation concepts and how to apply them in a practical setting
  • high-level communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are transferable across a range of careers and industries.

IoT is at the forefront of the digital transformation era and is a key technology in most of the advancements we are all witnessing day by day. IoT is responsible for almost all interactions, automatic control and action triggering in the most important digital transformation areas of our era, such as: smart cities, smart manufacturing, industry 4.0, smart home, smart agriculture, smart healthcare and so many others.

As the Dean of School of IoT, I am extremely proud of the entrepreneurial nature and industrial focus of both our education and research programmes. Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare our students to become long-life learners, active critical thinkers and the innovators that are needed to meet the challenges of this time of critical transition in our society. This entrepreneurial focus associated with a strong research led-teaching approach, prepare our students to become industrial leaders with the moral depth and intellectual capability to serve society and lead the industry into the future.

Located in an industrial and economical hub, the Entrepreneur College in Taicang offers unique opportunities for our students to engage with national and international industrial companies as well as with the business community in general, thus providing the perfect opportunity for our students to put their entrepreneurial education into action. Through the success of our students the knowledge and research contributions of our academic members of staff continue to drive change and have a positive societal impact in the industrial and business community, the country and across the globe.

I invite all of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and enriching your careers to come to join us in the exploration and exploitation of this exciting technology of IoT.

Professor Miguel Nunes
Dean of School of Internet of Things
Internet of Things is the foundation of every IT technology. The programme grows you to become experts who contribute to design and construct Eco-system as a fundamental infrastructure and platform based on IoT technologies with an entrepreneur mindset.
Dr Bong Hwan OH

Programme Director


Studying the Internet of Things programme at XJTLU provides me with a unique opportunity to get educated and trained as both an engineer and entrepreneur in China. I am able to study at university and work in industry at the same time.
Haozheng Hao
Student, BEng Internet of Things Engineering, Class of 2023
The study of Internet of Things enables us to understand intelligent products from the combined perspective of hardware and software.
Qijing Zeng
Student, BEng Internet of Things Engineering, Class of 2023


Graduates will be well prepared for technical, managerial, and leadership roles in the realms of technology and R&D within China and globally. Graduates will find employment in emerging industries related to Smart Cities, IoT, Cloud Computing, and other peripheral fields. This programme also provides a solid foundation for further studies abroad.


  • Be part of a unique educational experience, preparing you to work in fast paced, rapidly changing, smart technology driven industries
  • Benefit from XJTLU’s strategic location in Taicang’s High-Tech Development Zone with rapidly expanding technology-driven industries
  • Learn through practical application, using your knowledge and skills in solving real problems in research and industry settings
  • Benefit from mentoring and training from industry experts as part of the unique industry-themed schools partnerships with leading businesses
  • Gain valuable entrepreneur and leadership skills through studying on the unique contemporary entrepreneur modules that are part of the degree, , giving you a competitive edge in whatever career path you choose
  • 600 hours of problem-based internship experience as part of the degree programme
  • Study in purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities in XJTLU’s new Taicang campus (due to open in 2022)
  • Graduate with world class qualifications, including two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities.
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