Additional Learning Activities, or ALAs, provide enrichment of both theoretical and experiential learning during your masters programme study at XJTLU. ALAs are non-credit and pass/fail, and are prescribed for each programme, including some activities that may be jointly developed with your academic advisor. Normally, required ALA hours will be distributed evenly across each semester, amounting to 200 hours per semester. Part-time programmes will normally require 100 to 150 hours per semester.

The total required number of ALA hours to be successfully completed is as follows:

  • Taught masters programmes (18-month duration) – 600 hours (increased pro-rata for programmes exceeding 18 months)
  • Master of Research (MRes) programmes – 600 hours
  • Master of Architectural Design - 800 hours (24-month programme).

The ALA requirement empowered me to customise my degree programme to my own interests. I've focussed primarily on Chinese language which will be valuable for my future career. I also prepared and taught a seminar, and next semester I plan to do an internship that will support my masters degree thesis.

Franziska Betram Student, MSc Management, Germany

Typical ALAs include but are not limited to:

  • language study in Chinese, English, Spanish or another language
  • additional online and in-person modules on culture, business, technical skills or other topics that complement your primary study area
  • delivery of teaching as a graduate teaching assistant
  • engagement in a research project as a graduate research assistant
  • internships or private sector consulting projects
  • professional and employment skills development
  • field trips
  • community engagement.