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The BA Communication Studies programme will provide you with an understanding of the theory and practice of communication, including digital media technology, and the market mechanisms of the various media industries, equipping you with international vision and proficient English language skills.

By studying this programme you will:

  • develop an understanding of the interdisciplinary perspectives that enable effective analysis of communications and the media
  • gain a thorough working knowledge of the operation of communication systems
  • develop an understanding of journalism and practical journalistic skills
  • gain a critical awareness of cultural aspects of communications and the media, as well as the contrasting western and Chinese perspectives on the global media
  • develop your English language skills to a very high level, within the context of communications and the media
  • develop your professional communication skills including translation and interpreting
  • gain practical experience in media production and an understanding of how the media function

Why should I study Communication Studies at XJTLU?

You will graduate with a combination of critical and theoretical knowledge of the contexts of communication studies in combination with developing practical skills in digital media production. You will have access to:

  • language classes to improve your international employability
  • a digital media laboratory, featuring Apple iMac computers, Final Cut Pro X editing software and the Adobe suite of professional digital media production software
  • Sony high-definition digital video production kits for short film-making, digital media and documentary production.

Graduates of this programme, as with all XJTLU undergraduate programmes, will earn two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities.

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Knowledge and skills

Upon completion of the BA Communication Studies programme you will understand:

  • the principal concepts of communication theory, and how these can be used to understand
  • the way communication works across a range of media
  • the portrayal of China in Western media from both historical and contemporary perspectives
  • news values, ethics, journalism professional practice, the role of journalists and the various constraints of the news production process
  • the differences and similarities in the attitudes and values that permeate different media in China and English-speaking countries
  • the function and use of linguistic, rhetorical and persuasive devices in various forms of public communication, especially advertising, in a range of different media.

You will also acquire the ability to:

  • use textual analysis to discuss the ways in which media influence public understandings of social and political issues
  • analyse the ways in which different kinds of media treat news in China and the UK
  • engage and discuss a wide variety of media products and technologies, both contemporary and from earlier periods
  • produce a self-contained piece of original work with an in-depth approach to a particular topic in language, culture or communication
  • apply a higher level of English language skills, including translation and interpreting, within the global context of communications and media.



The rapid development of the media and communication industries in China requires graduates who not only understand theory and practice in communication, but also have knowledge of digital media technology and market mechanisms in the industry.

BA Communication Studies graduates may pursue a professional career within the media in print and online, in national and international broadcast organisations. They will also go into public relations and other areas where communication skills are crucial.


Entry requirements

Please visit the entry requirements page for the comprehensive list of qualifications required to study at XJTLU.

How to apply

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