The BA Media and Communication Studies programme will provide you with an understanding of the theories and practices of communication equipping you with an international outlook and a sound understanding of the quickly changing media world.

Media and Communication Studies


The BA Media and Communication Studies is a comprehensive programme consisting of three pathways (digital media, journalism and PR, and film studies) that enables you to engage critically with a diverse range of media practices.

The media have profound effects on human behaviour and social interactions. This programme takes an in-depth look at these effects, providing you with the knowledge and skills to become an informed, tech-savvy and versatile media researcher and user, able to expertly and confidently navigate the increasingly competitive job market of media industries.

You will explore a wide variety of media phenomena, situating them in a historical, socio-cultural and economic context and developing conceptual frameworks to interpret them. The programme will foster both your creativity and an analytical mindset, which you will apply in academic assignments and practical projects. You will acquire a global, critical outlook that will boost your employability and you will understand yourself and the world around you better. The programme offers you the choice of studying at the University of Liverpool for the last two years of the degree.

Why should I study Media and Communication Studies at XJTLU?

  • To develop a systematic, rigorous and subtle approach to the study of media and communication, through an inclusive and varied curriculum, structured around three main disciplinary sub-fields (digital media, journalism and PR, film studies)
  • To actively and freely shape your undergraduate experience by choosing from a rich offering of modules, including electives outside the department
  • To enjoy a stimulating learning environment with opportunities to contribute to the student magazine and attend research and industry guest talks
  • To learn from and interact with international staff with diverse teaching backgrounds and high-quality publication records
  • To gain practical experience through internships and hands-on production modules
  • To earn two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities
  • To prepare for postgraduate study or for a career in one of the many growing sectors of the media industries.

Knowledge and skills

By the time you will graduate from the BA Media and Communication Studies programme, you will have:

  • a working knowledge of theories, methodologies and terminologies pertaining to the study of media and communication
  • a range of specialised skills clustered around three main areas of critical inquiry and practice (digital media, journalism and film studies)
  • a set of transferrable skills such as intercultural and interpersonal communication, research, argumentation, teamwork, project management
  • an aptitude for the analysis of the ideological and aesthetic significance of a multitude of media texts
  • an understanding of the role played by technological advancements and economic and cultural factors in the development of media systems
  • an ability to unpack the complex national, regional and global contexts in which media operate
  • an awareness of your creative and critical potential and an ability to actualise it.

The BA Media and Communication Studies offers a diverse selection of modules in digital media, journalism and PR, and film studies, allowing you to develop professional expertise in both the theoretical and practical aspects of a wide range of media forms. No matter you would like to further your studies or to enter the job market, the programme will prepare you to be competent enough. You will also develop the critical thinking regarding the fundamental influences of media on individuals and society, which benefits your whole life.

Yanning Huang

Programme Director


Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University offers a wide range of courses in the first year, including English for academic purposes (EAP), mathematics and physics, and humanities and social sciences. Click to learn more.

I spent 4 wonderful years at XJTLU majoring in communication studies, in an environment where young adults celebrated their differences and discovered their own voices, working together to achieve amazing results. Now I work as an immigration and investment consultant in Shenzhen. The time at XJTLU for me was meaningful and crucial.

Di Wu

Alumni (Class of 2017), BA Communication Studies


Graduates of this programme are well-equipped to pursue careers in the media, cultural and creative industries. Typical employers include publishing, broadcasting and film companies, PR consultancies, advertising agencies, marketing organisations and higher education institutions, to name only some of the many possible career options. The programme also offers a solid foundation for further study. The vast majority of our students pursue postgraduate studies at prestigious universities, especially in the United Kingdom. Our students have been accepted by global top 10 programmes in media and communication, for instance at the University of Amsterdam, the London School of Economics, and Goldsmiths. Students have also gone on to study at other world-class universities, including University College London, King’s College, the University of Warwick, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and many others.

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