Accommodation options for Mainland Chinese students

The accommodation facilities for our students are managed privately by the Suzhou Industrial Park Education Development and Investment Limited Company. The rooms are equipped with corresponding furniture, air conditioning, shower and other facilities. The dormitory areas are equipped with public hot water machine, laundry room, bicycle parking place, etc. The dormitory property provides 24-hour property service for students in the district. Hotline (24 hours):0512-88852775 in Wenxing, 0512-62952612in Wenhui, and 0512-67616932 in Wencui and 0512-62890071 in Wenhua.

You will receive information about your accommodation once you have received your admission letter. The dormitories will be arranged for mainland Chinese students after their accommodation fee is paid. The areas or dormitories are randomly allocated by the system and the room type and furniture facilities vary slightly according to the year of building.

Students' dormitories are managed by the Suzhou Industrial Park Education Development and Investment Limited Company, and the third-party property company provides corresponding service. The prices of dormitories are fluctuating and will be adjusted according to actual situation.

Special note: as the housing resources in the district are managed by the third-party, refer to the relevant notice before enrollment for the specific occupancy standard and dormitory arrangement.

Home from home

Around the campus

Dormitories and apartments are mostly located around the campus, which makes it more convenient for students to get to campus from their living area.

Student community

Located in a modern university town Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District and surrounded by countless other universities and their students. XJTLU community offers students abundant living facilities.

Cost of living

Suzhou boasts a reasonable cost of living. Accommodation expenses (excluding utilities and internet access) vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

Access to the city

It’s easy to get a taxi or bus from our accommodation to other areas of Suzhou for socializing, cultural trips or shopping.