University culture space

University culture space

X Bar

The X Bar on the Southern Campus, which is established and managed by the XJTLU Museum, was open to the public on 22 September 2017. It is a place for dialogue, full of vitality and literary style, where you can enjoy peace while learning or participate in salons featuring leading figures in different industries. A series of events including the museum-organised W•E TALKS, W•E SALON, and W•E MUSICALE and diverse seminars and workshops organised by different departments are held regularly at the museum. The X Bar has become a hub of freedom and innovation on the Southern Campus.


One of XJTLU’s innovative features is its open campus — our university grounds are open to all, not hidden behind gates and high walls. Walking through campus, you can see beautiful architectural designs with modern buildings created to be efficient, attractive and environmentally friendly. Among these buildings you will discover public art intended to be engaging and thought provoking. XIPU Show aims to enable XJTLU members and visitors to get to know XJTLU better by scanning the campus of XJTLU with mobile technology. Detailed information about XJTLU and its buildings, scenery sites, cultural elements and more can be displayed directly on your mobile device.

“XJTLU in media ”underground passageway

The project aims to display important news reports in media based on XJTLU’s history of growth and development in the underground passageway leading to the south campus from the center building. XJTLU members and external visitors would be able to get to know XJTLU in depth by this exhibition and this would also a project of the concept of “The Whole Campus is a Museum”.

“How Far Away is My Country from XJTLU”guide sign

The sign, “How Far Away is My Country from XJTLU” shows the distance between the campus and the capitals of the countries from which our students and faculty members
originate. The presence of the sign serves as a vivid illustration of the diversity of our population and the international academic experience our university offers.