Christiane Margerita HerrPh.D.

Associate Professor

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Christiane M. Herr is an architectural researcher and educator focusing on the areas of structural design, digitally supported design, conceptual design, design studio teaching and traditional Chinese approaches to creative thinking. Christiane is a German National and has worked and studied in Australia, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan for more than 13 years. In her PhD work at The University of Hong Kong, Christiane explored cellular automata as a means to establish architectural design support, which led to her strong interest in diagrams and designerly ways of seeing. In her recent research, Christiane has focused primarily on innovative approaches to structural design education in architecture. Her research focus in structural design emphasizes structural design pedagogy as well as research into qualitative aspects of structural design processes, with special emphasis on the local context of China.

Christiane’s approach to education for creativity relies strongly on second-order cybernetics and radical constructivism. In her research work, Christiane focuses on the integration of designerly and scientific modes of inquiry through empirical, grounded, and action research approaches. Christiane is a member of conference organizing and review committees for the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) and the Association for Computer-Aided Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA) and executive board member in both societies. In addition, she is a member of peer review committees of various journals and conferences.

Christiane Margerita  Herr
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